411: The Bourne Conspiracy Hands-On

This past Sunday, 411 attended the LIVE event held at Wembley Stadium. As part of the proceedings, 411 was able to go hands-on with a ton of top titles that will be released periodically throughout the year. Walking away from the event, the game that left the best impression on them was The Bourne Conspiracy on the Xbox 360, developed by High Moon Studios in conjunction with Sierra Entertainment. 411 managed to obtain a 20 minute + playtest with the title, and thus got a pretty in-depth look at how it plays in the early portion of the game.

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TheMART3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Seems like the 360 gets its own Uncharted there. The only reason to think about buying a PS3 at the moment. NICE

Looks a lot like Drake there, doesn't it PS3 fans?

games4fun3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

did you even read the article? at the very least did you go to the source website? the first pic in the article is ingame screenshot and its craptastic and multiplatform so how is it 360's own when its coming to ps3?

also lol at your pick thinking it looks like drake, because someone has black hair its a game like drake? your a moron

also it doesnt play like drake at all, oh there is a third person view so it must be just like drake, that is a good way to show you have never played Uncharted you completely ignore the biggest gameplay feature which was the cover system NICE

TheMART3916d ago

Dude, I've played Uncharted. What I am saying: look at the character, he looks a lot like him. Its not only the hair, its his build, its his appearance. Second: the cover system is a ripoff from Gears of War. Third: this game can offer something like that coversystem.

I am not saying its not coming to the PS3, do I? I am saying by this game it looks like the 360 gets its 'Uncharted' kind of character and gameplay. Although a bit more brutal.