411: Far Cry 2 Preview

Easily one of the biggest attractions at the LIVE event this past weekend at Wembley Stadium in London, England was Ubisoft's booth for Far Cry 2 on the PC, appearing in a curtained-off area, racking up 45 minute queues all day long. Far Cry 2's Narrative Designer, Patrick Redding, and Producer, Louis-Pierre Pharand, were on hand to guide attendees through a 15-minute video demonstration of the game, answering questions along the way.

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ssbains3890d ago

The first Far Cry was awesome
Lush forests, blue water ...

This one looks like it will set a new bar - can't wait to play it. And if this comes to PS3 --- woohoo !

mighty_douche3890d ago

PC/PS3/360 simultaneous release :)

Silver Bull3t3890d ago

1. Pop-in/texture load issues????

2. Frame-rate issues????

mighty_douche3890d ago

Can't wait! Been waiting for a great >single player< fps for a while now :)

Hang Gliders o_O