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Final Fantasy 7 retrospective

The game that killed Squaresoft.

By Rich Stanton

This is a retrospective in the truest sense. I've switched on Final Fantasy 7 since its re-release on PSN a few years ago, but never played past the opening section of Midgar - an opening that, at the time of first playing, I thought was the game itself. The PS3 doesn't take PS1 memory cards, of course, so I can't resurrect my Avalanche crew, every single one at max level, while the treasured materia and weapon collection remains out of reach - nevermind my thoroughbred chocobos. Some games you can only play once.

Over time this gives distance to how you think about it. Final Fantasy 7 has never been loved for the right reasons; conversations focus overwhelmingly on a single moment that in its grand scheme felt largely irrelevant. I'm referring, of course, to the death of Aeris, the sweet flower girl who joins your party in the game's early portion and then, at the end of the first of three discs, is killed by arch-baddy Sephiroth. (Final Fantasy VII, PlayStation, Retro)

Ksar  +   724d ago
Worst FF in the series
SegaSaturn669  +   724d ago
If you say so, Mr. Onion Knight.
Sephiroushin  +   724d ago
You clearly need to play FF13 and FF13-2 ...
Summons75  +   724d ago
Totally agree. Bad story and bad characters. I really had to force myself through the game such a shame really that people hold it on such a high pedestal simply because it was their first time
KingKelloggTheWH  +   724d ago
My goodness,another annoying ff6 fanboy.How about you grow up quit making childish assumptions and let people enjoy a game that is legitimately good.

FF6 and FF7 are both great,so knock this annoying crap off.
kayoss  +   724d ago
Hahaha you got lectured by kingkellogthewh... Lol
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k2d  +   724d ago
worst troll evvah
Iceman_Nightmare  +   724d ago
I think its time for Square Enix to make a remake for the PlayStation 4
SegaSaturn669  +   724d ago
Drivel. Don't waste your time.
Yes agreed. This article was ridiculous.
noctis_lumia  +   724d ago
fact is that...it remains the best ff to date.
e-p-ayeaH  +   724d ago
factinion - one of the best rpgs ever made so is FF6,8,9 and 10

ff12 was alright ff13 as moe all over the place it sucks
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McScroggz  +   724d ago
I don't understand how Final Fantasy VII killed Squaresoft. It's an all-time classic JRPG. Squaresoft made Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X - all of which I think are great (with 8 maybe just good).

If you want to say the merger with Enix killed Square, then from a logical standpoint I understand. But even then, while we haven't seen a great run of Final Fantasy games we did get FFXII, Kingdom Hearts games, The World Ends With You and some good published games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman: Absolution and the new Tomb Raider.

Square Enix has been making a lot more bad decisions than good the past several years, but how on Earth can we attribute this to a fantastic RPG from 1997.
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NukaCola  +   724d ago
The original Kingdom Hearts and it's existence is a Squaresoft thing. The sequel and 79 spin offs were after Enix joined in.

SQUARE also publishes Call of Duty and tons of iOS games. I think FFVII was there golden years to be honest.
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McScroggz  +   724d ago
Call of Duty is published by Activision. Unless I'm missing something here?
KrisButtar  +   724d ago
COD is published by SE in Japan

McScroggz  +   724d ago
Haha, that's interesting. Did not know that, thanks ^_^
KingKelloggTheWH  +   724d ago
Lots of random crap in that article....
Asuka  +   724d ago
though ff7 isnt my favorite ff, saying ff7 killed square is just nonsense. I love ff8 and its my favorite, however, even i cannot deny how good of game ff7 was/is. i'd just be plain stupid to think otherwise. everything about the game from its gameplay, the story, and the characters was nothing short of AAA. I myself just prefer ff8(clearly from my profile).

now ff13..........i'll leave it at that
KingKelloggTheWH  +   724d ago
FF8 was the most underappreciated of the series.Such an amazing game.
Asuka  +   724d ago
i agree to a point. yes ff8 is amazing imo, however, i feel as if ff9 is the most unappreciated. ff9 was simply amazing as well. only thing that threw me off was the main hero having a tail XD.

honestly i really loved all the ps1 ffs =P But again, ff8 is special to me. I know the story has its plot holes, but the character development and the relationships built between the characters (namely squall and rinoa) really drove the story for me. and i honstly liked the junction system. if you spend enough time with you will realize how flexible it actually was. though it could be abused very easily to make it gamebreaking, making your party literally op within the first 10-30mins (depending how good you were at triple triad, and doing the AP glitch against the spidertank guy, the X-ATM98?!)
edonus  +   724d ago
I loved ff8 as well

I think it just got kind of looked over because the reception of ff7.
Ff7 had that great materia and weapons and armor customization system and it was the first time you saw such production value.
Ff8 had way more style it was darker the characters where cooler it was way more streamlined. It was good but just different. I have personally disliked all ff games since 8. I almost liked ffx but it was just to kiddy and pointless in some places. I didn't get into ff11 but I didn't like the others and I completely hate and loath FF13.
Why o why  +   724d ago
Damn, never took you for a gamer, thought you woulda preferred a texas instruments calculator over pads back then.....o_0


Wasn't ff8 the one where you could play that floating sports game.. main guy looked like a happier version of cloud, with blond hair?.. solid game if its the one im thinking of.

The guy above who got shut down because of what he said about ff7 being many peoples first ff experience.. its true. Doesn't mean he has to act all high and mighty about it but he does have a point.
MelonSaurus  +   724d ago
Seems like FF13 hate can't be kept out of any Final Fantasy related article. What's wrong you people?
KingKelloggTheWH  +   724d ago
People really hate it,and it keeps getting sequels so they can't forget?
Summons75  +   724d ago
Correction a small minority whom the majority haven't played hate it. Most fans and critics at least liked it. Is it the best? Maybe not to some but it was still good. I enjoyed it, saw its flaws but still had fun...13-2 was much better after try listened to fans and tackled some of the flaws.
FRA85  +   724d ago
this article contradicts itself.
FF7 killed sqaresoft but the movie is the reason sqaresoft was forced to merge with enix but almost stopped the the merger??
he didnt want play again since he couldnt load his old game in which he already did everything?
FF7 was a great game and introduced alot of people to jrpg's so sqaresoft did well off the back of it so didnt ruin anything.
DarkSavior  +   724d ago
Obviously he's never heard of the memory card adapter.
ACEMANWISE  +   724d ago
Final Fantasy 7 was so good it made the rest look bad. I'm beginning to think Square made that game great on accident. They still can't seem to replicate the success.
DarkSavior  +   724d ago
Also if you weren't in the moment of the release in 97 you'll never understand.
Firan  +   724d ago
I didn't like most of the characters, but this is still one of my favorite PS1 game.
iliimaster  +   724d ago
so this article is about FF7 sucking? lmao i have it as one if not the best game ever made the game had everything especially adventure, what? you prefer a hyper real looking game that lasts 9 hours? with short chapters and a focus on multiplayer
jjb1981  +   724d ago
FFIV .... Uuhhhhh!
k2d  +   724d ago
Last I remember their movie, The Spirits Within ruined squaresoft.

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