Final Fantasy 7 retrospective

The game that killed Squaresoft.

By Rich Stanton

This is a retrospective in the truest sense. I've switched on Final Fantasy 7 since its re-release on PSN a few years ago, but never played past the opening section of Midgar - an opening that, at the time of first playing, I thought was the game itself. The PS3 doesn't take PS1 memory cards, of course, so I can't resurrect my Avalanche crew, every single one at max level, while the treasured materia and weapon collection remains out of reach - nevermind my thoroughbred chocobos. Some games you can only play once.

Over time this gives distance to how you think about it. Final Fantasy 7 has never been loved for the right reasons; conversations focus overwhelmingly on a single moment that in its grand scheme felt largely irrelevant. I'm referring, of course, to the death of Aeris, the sweet flower girl who joins your party in the game's early portion and then, at the end of the first of three discs, is killed by arch-baddy Sephiroth.

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Ksar1633d ago

Worst FF in the series

SegaSaturn6691633d ago

If you say so, Mr. Onion Knight.

Sephiroushin1633d ago

You clearly need to play FF13 and FF13-2 ...

Summons751633d ago

Totally agree. Bad story and bad characters. I really had to force myself through the game such a shame really that people hold it on such a high pedestal simply because it was their first time

KingKelloggTheWH1633d ago

My goodness,another annoying ff6 fanboy.How about you grow up quit making childish assumptions and let people enjoy a game that is legitimately good.

FF6 and FF7 are both great,so knock this annoying crap off.

kayoss1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Hahaha you got lectured by kingkellogthewh... Lol

Iceman_Nightmare1633d ago

I think its time for Square Enix to make a remake for the PlayStation 4

SegaSaturn6691633d ago

Drivel. Don't waste your time.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1633d ago

Yes agreed. This article was ridiculous.

noctis_lumia1633d ago

fact is remains the best ff to date.

e-p-ayeaH1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

factinion - one of the best rpgs ever made so is FF6,8,9 and 10

ff12 was alright ff13 as moe all over the place it sucks

McScroggz1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I don't understand how Final Fantasy VII killed Squaresoft. It's an all-time classic JRPG. Squaresoft made Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X - all of which I think are great (with 8 maybe just good).

If you want to say the merger with Enix killed Square, then from a logical standpoint I understand. But even then, while we haven't seen a great run of Final Fantasy games we did get FFXII, Kingdom Hearts games, The World Ends With You and some good published games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman: Absolution and the new Tomb Raider.

Square Enix has been making a lot more bad decisions than good the past several years, but how on Earth can we attribute this to a fantastic RPG from 1997.

NukaCola1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

The original Kingdom Hearts and it's existence is a Squaresoft thing. The sequel and 79 spin offs were after Enix joined in.

SQUARE also publishes Call of Duty and tons of iOS games. I think FFVII was there golden years to be honest.

McScroggz1633d ago

Call of Duty is published by Activision. Unless I'm missing something here?

McScroggz1633d ago

Haha, that's interesting. Did not know that, thanks ^_^

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