Unsurprising: Warhawk dev working on new game

All game developers move on to new things. So, when Dylan Jobe mentions on the that the Warhawk team is working on a brand new game, we can't get too surprised.

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decapitator3712d ago

interesting. Wonder what he is working on. Hope it's that TM game. I'd flip.

heyheyhey3712d ago

if you mean Twisted Metal then no- that's David Jaffe's company Eat, Sleep, Play

i hope it's another stellar MP title- since they are pretty good at those

TriggerHappy3712d ago

Oh really ? Thats great news. Jaffe himself working on it means it will be an even better game.

sonarus3712d ago

he hinted at this when he first posted on new booster pack. Not surprising though, he does have an employer and i doubt his employer would let him sit around tinkering with an already released game.
hope that settles the nonsense like no one is at incognito anymore

decapitator3712d ago

Thanks for responding Heyheyhey, I did not even know.

Mr PS33712d ago

Very Unsurprising
But good news

Ares843712d ago

That it's not another online only game!
Also a first person view in Warhawk would be great!!

Maldread3712d ago

If all the good things i`ve heard about Warhawk is true, then a new title should be great. Hope we get some details soon, around "E3" or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.