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Submitted by Kamikaze8 980d ago | image

Complete ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ map revealed

StickSkills: "If you’re ready for your return to Los Santos, you may be wondering how it’s changed since San Andreas. Today, the map of Grand Theft Auto V has been revealed and it looks a good bit different from what you probably remember." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Rockstar Games has been releasing snippets of the map for awhile now, and this is the result of one person scrounging the Internet for every single piece. So while this isn’t officially endorsed by Rockstar, it is highly likely that this is at least close to the real thing.

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DaThreats  +   980d ago
A big map for chaos
llMurcielagoll  +   980d ago
A lot of country side driving and riding.. Sweet! I just hope I don't get a near death experience like I did in San Andreas back in the day, Im overtaking some idiot and he just decided to change lanes and bumped me off the high ground and I kept falling all the way down and lucky for me there was water at the end!
SolidStoner  +   980d ago
it looks small to me... well its a huge map.. and alot of country side (what I waited for most)..

but compared to SA original map.. it looks smaller.. I remember.. R* said that GTA5 will have map as big as all GTA combined.. thats huge..

I have a huge feeling that R* have some big secrets and this map is not full size...
GameCents  +   980d ago
. . .that plus it was just a game so water or not, you'd live. (-_______-)
TI_21  +   980d ago
It's a fake.
There are a lot of parts which at least show up 2 times...
llMurcielagoll  +   980d ago
Hmmm... The map, however, seems incomplete like there are some chuncks of resedential or city areas are missing.

Either way I cannot wait for this game to come out this September!
Hydrolex  +   980d ago
that's a huge map ! I can't wait to explore the country side, drive on the mountains
AAACE5  +   980d ago
Don't forget the rule of 3! R* always have the maps broken into 3 islands. That way you can actually use the boats. Not to mention, there is always 3 city like areas as well.

This is probably just one island.

I wonder if they will finally put in that mythical Hawaiian island that we all looked for is SA...
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ThanatosDMC  +   980d ago
Remember they also said that Red Dead Redemption's map is huge... but it actually wasnt. Heck, we use a horse too in that game.
gedapeleda  +   980d ago
This is from the gtaforums and the guy said it's not official!
Dee_91  +   980d ago
im gonna wait til the game comes out
-Superman-  +   980d ago
I love that kinda map. Its not about big city, but a lot country side :)
Gardenia  +   980d ago
Yes its a fake. The top left roads are copy/paste just a little lower again but then on the side
Mr_Nuts  +   980d ago
I like it but im a little annoyed it looks completly differnt to the SA map. Least Liberty City in GTA4 was similar to the old maps
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jmidd00  +   980d ago
The map is fake. If you look closely you'll see locations on the map that are duplicated. throughout.
titletownrelo  +   980d ago
It's a fake guys, check out this pic to see why...
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mistecheese  +   980d ago
whoah, did not see that before. A lot of copy paste, definitely fake.
ApolloTheBoss  +   980d ago
Dear lord...
BiggCMan  +   980d ago
Cool layout. I just want to point out something that Rockstar said a long time ago that people misunderstood. When they said that GTA V would be as big as San Andreas, GTA IV, and Red Dead, they did not mean in actual size. Like if you added up all of those games' maps size by side, BOOM you have the size of GTA V, that's not happening, and people keep thinking that.

What they definitely do mean (unless of course it's just PR talk to get people hyped) is that, along with the underwater sections of the game, and the amount of unique and separate areas, is that it will be the biggest in terms of content and activeness of the world.

Red Dead for instance was a massive world on it's own, i'd be surprised if GTA V was even bigger than that in terms of miles/acres. But if you look at it, it's all very similar looking with not that much variety. GTA IV was roughly the same way, with San Andreas being the only of those 3 that had a lot of variety.

This is where GTA V will be the biggest, because there will be lots of variety in the world, and it will be a very active, living and breathing world, complete with an explorable ocean which by itself makes the actual map size bigger.

TL;DR version: basically the dimensions clearly will not be as big as all 3 of those games combined. But in terms of detail of the actual map, and unique areas to explore, it will be the largest and most alive. As in no staleness or wasted areas of the map.
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orakle44  +   980d ago
it seems like you are the one that is misunderstood, Rockstar Games disclosed several times last year that V’s map will be bigger than GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas combined.
snipab8t  +   980d ago
Awesome, I hope that is a military base on the bottom left. I'm liking how they are including the natural, environmental elements from RDR into the game. Rockstar you've done it again.
elhebbo16  +   980d ago
I've seen this before, some guy made the GTA 5 map based on screenshots of Los Santos.
TrevorPhillips  +   980d ago
Jesus Christ!! :O I love you rockstar!

September 17th xD
PhantomTommy  +   980d ago
Good Lord!

I bet there's something sexy on that island in the north east.
LeRise  +   980d ago
It's... small. The size is almost the same as SA map!
I hope that it'll have 10x more details so it would compensate the size. But Just Cause 2 map is much bigger!
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cleverusername  +   980d ago
JC 2 was huge but filled with nothing!
LeRise  +   980d ago
I agree, so I believe that V's world is far more detailed than JC's. I guess the world dimensions are limited with current hardware.

It would be amazing to see what Rockstar are going to make on the PS4.
orakle44  +   980d ago
how the hell can you say thats small?? there is nothing to judge it with, there is no scale to it.
LeRise  +   980d ago
Street density. It worked flawless with III, VC, SA and IV — so it works with V. The only thing that might be wrong: there may be only large streets shown. If so, then Los Santos is 3x bigger than original LS from GTA:SA.
Wintersun616  +   980d ago
This map's fake is showing.
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SNACK_SHARK_TROLL  +   980d ago
Yeah you can see smears and blurs, like it was photoshopped or something. but it isn't official so if it's fake it wouldn't surprise me.
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Wintersun616  +   980d ago
True, it actually says it's not the real deal in the article itself. As far as the countryside goes it's a nice try but one glance at the city and you know it's fake. There's not nearly enough roads and I can see the smears and blurs you mentioned. Also at one point the city just abruptly ends and becomes empty looking countyside.
jlukee  +   976d ago
Not to mention that the town areas in the countryside are just copied and pasted sections from the city!
Max-Zorin  +   980d ago
I'm gonna cause so much hell when I'm bored.
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Tatsuya  +   980d ago
good god! If this is real, GTA V is going to be the shit.
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ZodTheRipper  +   980d ago
If this is real, Rockstar didn't say the truth about the map size. Even if it's big this can't be as big as GTA:SA, GTA4 and RDR combined.

But I for one like quality over quantity so as long as there's enough fun stuff to do I don't care about how big it is.
gamerslife2me  +   980d ago
FAKE, there are thousands being made like this!
cleverusername  +   980d ago
The article clearly states it isn't official! Loving the amount of countryside to explore!
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Themisterphenix  +   980d ago
Idk if would take this as a hundred percent correct yet!
WeAreLegion  +   980d ago
That much countryside would be really great...

...with a grappling hook.

Dfooster  +   980d ago
Ill be very surprised if Vegas isn't part of the game in either dlc or as yet unannounced.
SpideySpeakz  +   980d ago
they already said a whole year ago that Las Venturas will not be apart of the game.
e-p-ayeaH  +   980d ago
wow really? thats disapointing.
Harmonizer  +   980d ago
Doesnt like the final thing, still cool though.
Draugz  +   980d ago
Awesome. Kind of funny to think HD Los Santos is bigger than 3D San Andreas.
Zeniix  +   980d ago
I'm so excited for this, going to free roam so much with friends and also can't wait to ride off some trucks off mountains like in SA:D
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Xenomorph  +   980d ago
If you look at the comments on the site, they confirm its a fan made guess, and isn't very accurate.
bub16  +   980d ago
Wtf its just woods!! I hope there are more roads and city life in this game, will be kind of disappointing if rock star have just filled the map with woods...
AJ Hartley  +   980d ago
The citys huge its just an estimate but if you look at the grappling rope heist screenshot and the chopper ones you can clearly see the city area is more than big enough. Remember one of the first screenshots released of thr chopper look at the size of the city on that.
IIJOSEPHXII  +   980d ago
This is the best map made from the analysis of screenshots and the blueprint map from the collectors edition.


The 600+ page topic "Mapping Los Santos"

where that map and many other amateur maps (including my own) can be found.
TotalHitman  +   980d ago
Old, I've seen it before :( I was expecting something different.
FreakdoutKid  +   980d ago
this news is not for me if it is not coming to PC
ArtificiallyYours  +   980d ago
Good thing your opinion is useless.
josephayal  +   980d ago
I think GTA 5 map ll be smaller than just cause 2 map
Plagasx  +   980d ago
The thing about JC2 was that while the map was huge, there wasn't much life in it...the AI was dumb as hell and you couldn't really go inside any buildings, etc..

GTA V's map will be huge AND will have tons of detail, explorations on top of having awesome AI, with lots of buildings to enter..

I'm hoping all that will change with Just Cause 3 since it's most likely to be on next gen consoles :)
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InTheZoneAC  +   980d ago
I don't know why any of you want to spoil the game. The less I know now the better it'll be since I have no idea what to expect.
despair  +   980d ago
work of fiction, I'll wait for the original release from Rockstar.
couponbook  +   980d ago
if anyone wanna play hounds online netmarble korean zombie game, send me pm. i offer accounts for english person.
sovietsoldier  +   980d ago
going to be some epic car chases on that long ass highway.
HarryB  +   980d ago
The map might look small. At least the city areas. But if you notice when it goes from city to country going north there is a fade. That means there's like a fog. So we don't actually see the city entirely. Basically a city teaser and then scales to topography of the map. What you see is just a teaser. There is much more in the northern side its just covered over.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   980d ago
Damn, i hope they bring this to PS4 or PC.
S-T-F-U  +   980d ago
It more than likely will come to PS4 & XBOne a few months after the PS3 & 360 release. That way we have to fork out again to get the upgraded graphics at full price :)
vigilante_man  +   980d ago
Don't want to play a PS3/360m game on next gen systems.

Develop for Next gen consoles and I'll buy a game if it's good enough. Not ports!

Just Imagine what a true open world game can deliver based on next gen Ram and graphics capabilities. If I wanted a pimped-up PS3/360 version I'd get the PC version instead.
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