Amazon: 007 Legends for $18

Amazon is selling 007 Legends for just $17.98 through a third-party seller.

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yugovega1903d ago

just ordered this on my wiiu. can't beat that price.

yugovega1902d ago

so people on n4g arn't allowed to enjoy any games unless they are goty material?

elhebbo161903d ago

For 18 bucks or less you could get other games that would last you longer and are better. Fallout 3 GOTY is like $15.

yugovega1903d ago

most anyone with sense already has or had fallout 3. some people enjoy 007 and doesn't really care if it's goty material. some "bad" games are still enjoyable. plusit's one of the few wiiu game i don't have.

zeroskie1902d ago

There are far better games for cheaper.

sdozzo1902d ago

It's A Deal For Amazon.