5 Games That Might Be Announced At Sony's E3 Presser

GR: The Electronic Entertainment Expo is just over a week away. It's hard to believe that in a matter of days an onslaught of gaming news will be upon us, completely overwhelming every gamer out there. On June 10th at 6PM, the spotlight will be on Sony, as the PlayStation manufacturer plans to take the stage and reveal the PS4 in all of its square-shaped plastic glory. More importantly, however, there will be loads of game announcements. As such, here are five potential software reveals we're hoping are part of Sony's presser.

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karim71091d ago

Uncharted 4 is for PS4?

abzdine1091d ago

Final Fantasy will for sure be revealed, Square have annouced it themselves on feb 20th.

ShoryuSwordsman1091d ago

I believe that both vs 13 AND 15 will be announced. If what this guy says is anything to go by(he says,"We are PREPARING for development of a Final Fantasy title, which indicates that they can't be talking about vs, since its been in development for years), along with Nomura's teaser pics for E3 (found here, among many other sites: ) it would point to the idea that despite the rumors, that 15 and vs 13 are two separate titles, and both will be announced at E3. Of course I could be wrong, and the rumors could be true, but that would mean they are the same title, and we'll be waiting at least another 3 years before we get this new Final Fantasy....But Square couldn't be that dumb.......................... ..Right???

Freak of Nature1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

FF is a lock...

I certainly would love to see either Uncharted 4 or Jak & Daxter 4, both would be ideal...

The Last gaurdian is another high on my list for what seems like a life time now.

Media Molecules new IP and of course I would love to see another LBP along with it anytime...

Sony Santa Monica's new Ip and GG games new Ip are something I am really interested in.

Kingdom hearts 3, Dark cloud 3 and a new Medievil would be great surprises...

I can name another dozen I am really interested in as well, this will be one hell of show. I will be attending, it will be my 14th E3 I will be attending, and I cannot recall a more exciting one potentially...

pimpschitz1091d ago

I'm super excited for FF15???? or versus 13/15????

I honestly haven't played playstation 3 since the 360 came out, and I regret it. There are a bunch of games I am going to have to catch up on.

I don't think that they will reveal Kingdom Hearts at E3, but who knows? And I've never played the last guardian, but from knowing about it, it seems like a good game.

Currently I'm watching my girlfriend play FF9 on PS1... :)

DigitalRaptor1090d ago

Final Fantasy for sure. Sony & Square Enix are working on a project together, and the guy from SE said at Sony's reveal event that they'll have an announcement to make at E3.

Square Enix has also been doing a fair few HD remasters for Sony platforms (KINGDOM HEARTS and FF X / X-2 HD), so their connections are pretty strong right now.

So it's really going to be either Versus XIII for PS4 (or also PS3), or FF XV for PS4. Or both! That would be awesome. Imagine a Versus XIII launch title and a new FF down the line in about 2015.

Utalkin2me1090d ago

Heavenly Sword 2, pretty please....=)

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Conzul1091d ago

Uncharted 4
Mirror's Edge 2

Resistance 4
The Last Guardian
Gravity Rush 2

JoySticksFTW1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

My wishlist for PS4 (besides the obvious titles) would be:

- Demon's Souls 2
- Warhawk 2
- Heavenly Sword 2
- A new 3D Dot Heroes
- Valkyria Chronicles
- A 2D Castlevania (but they're releasing the new LOS)
- Twisted Metal Black 2
- A new LAIR (I was the one that loved the first game)
- Battle Arena Toshinden
- PS4 versions of Tekken Tag and Ridge Racer (a playstation launch seems weird without either franchise to me)

These with some brand new IP's, and I'd be a broke shut-in.

They probably wouldn't make much money off of my selected launch titles, but I'd sure be happy

Abdou231091d ago

Not interested in any of them.

WeAreLegion1091d ago

Why did you create an account on a gaming website?

Legion1091d ago

@WeAreLegion (how redundant is the 'we are'?)

Maybe he is interested in other games? Not like all these games fit in everyone's wheel house.

Kingdom Hearts III (kids game... not interested)
Jak & Daxter 4 (dito)
Final Fantasy XV (Never cared for the series)
Uncharted 4 (more Lara Croft action minus the nice Ass... pass)
The Last Guardian (maybe... but not enough info to make me interested)

Wagz221091d ago

Crash bandicoot by naughty dog! That would be great! I can dream...

adorie1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

"Versus 13" Under a new name. I am going to bet the entire farm on this. :)

ShoryuSwordsman1091d ago

I'll take that bet, read my comment above :P

pimpschitz1091d ago

I very much agree to your statement Adorie.

BattleAxe1091d ago

I'm not into the games that this site has listed except for Uncharted 4.

My list:

- Uncharted 4
- Syphon Filter 5
- Resistance 4
- Heavenly Sword 2
- Motorstorm 4

Themisterphenix1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Yes and all the other great games!,,,

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Cam9771091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Well we'll hopefully see RockstarGames' "Agent" following its long hiatus. Moreover, I wish to see some new IPs (either Vita or PS4 - hey! I'd welcome a new PS3 IP!), a handheld The Last Of Us and some more Vita games. Whatever is announced I have full faith in Sony delivering this time. I'd also love to see some more HD trilogies (possibly niche games that were under-appreciated on the PS2)on both the PS3 and Vita.

Oh, I almost forgot. Remember when Jak HD was confirmed for Vita? Well, I hope to see that revealed with some gameplay and possibly the new (I can hope) touchscreen features. RATCHET AND CLANK HD on the Vita would be hugely appreciated too.

Just as a sidenote: Can somebody please explain how I can get more bubbles? I've been desperately trying by posting relevant things but my efforts failed.

acharlez1091d ago

Yeah, Agent is a possibility that totally slipped my mind.

I really hope they have some Vita games too, and not just a new Assassin's Creed.

soniqstylz1091d ago

Bubbled just to be helpful. Also, I'm hoping to see Agent as well.

dbjj120881091d ago

I'd love to see agent but there's no way it'll happen.

ziggurcat1091d ago

i think rockstar has said that they won't be attending E3...

Narutone661091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Just some quick questions, can we play vita games on the PS4? Does the cross play work both ways? Thanks in advance.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I believe they haven't revealed all the info regarding cross play with vita and ps4 but I have no doubt it will happen because I've heard talks of a dev plotting to do tri-cross buy (PSvita PS3 PS4) and I'm sure if said game has that option the cross play should be on their. No details yet although they will come soon enough.

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KingKelloggTheWH1091d ago

I want Versus 13 so badly....

acharlez1091d ago

You and me both. But I want Kingdom Hearts 3 even more :D

SexyGamerDude1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

I want remakes for FF 7 and 6. I want 6 remade mostly.

acharlez1091d ago

But what if it's Xbox One-exclusive???!!

Foxhound9221091d ago

You can't play mirrors edge with kinect so it won't be an exclusive =p

MasterCornholio1091d ago

So what? In comparison to all the exclusives that the PS4 will get Mirrors Edge 2 is nothing in comparison.

andrewsqual1091d ago

Then its true potential of 1.84 teraflops and GDDR5ness has been squandered.

dbjj120881091d ago

That'll be at Microsoft's press conference.

Williamson1091d ago

Versus 13, agent, kingdom hearts 3, the last guardian and hopefully a new IP from SSM.