PS3 Firmware 2.20 BD 2.0 Dated For April 8

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is targeting April 8 as the date it will release its first batch of Blu-ray Disc titles that can be connected to the Internet for more bonus materials and features.

The musical spoof "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" and the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi thriller "The 6th Day" will be the studio's first two BD-Live titles. Their release coincides with the launch of a new software update for Sony's PlayStation 3 that makes the game console the first Blu-ray player with Internet connectivity, an ability known as "Profile 2.0."

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zPlayer3917d ago

i am looking very forward to this even though its not what we wanted.

decapitator3917d ago

If it makes you feel better, there is a rumor that, this update will contain a few Easter eggs. Dont know what it is, but it should intrigue gamers.

Jack Meahoffer3917d ago

There isn't a chance in h3ll we'll get in game voice chat before GTA IV... its only 21 days later.

Is there even any hope it will be out before MGS4? If in game voice chat is not out by MGS4 Sony is really shooting itself in the foot. Its top title of the year totally gimped by a last gen online experience.

Everyone looking to Summer now? Maybe Home will be the savior?

Skerj3917d ago

In-game voice chat? Isn't that already in like EVERY game on PS3 that's online? You mean messaging right?

Jack Meahoffer3917d ago

I mean being able to private chat with my friend no matter what games he and I are playing. I mean being able to see invites from friends while playing a different game than them... You know basic online multiplayer funcitonality.

Only being able to communicate with people IN THE SAME GAME as me is retarded. That means all your other friends online are disconnected from you unless they're in the same game. Makes it really hard to get a game going with a lot of friends.

Skerj3917d ago

Gotcha, I thought by ingame voice chat you meant. ..well ingame voice chat. Yeah it sucks that our friend's list is included on a game by game basis instead of universal, I doubt ingame XMB will be here before July though.

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Marceles3917d ago

...the PS3 update is coming late March, the Blu-ray movies are dated for April 8th.

whoelse3917d ago

Yeah it doesnt say the update will be on the same day, but the update is ready for those titles to be released on that day. Review sites will get the titles before hand, so they need some hardware to review them on.

kmg903917d ago

finally someone else who has actually read the article!

thehitman3917d ago

Sony slips in something to make us ps3 gamers happy. I got a feeling they will surprise us nothing like in-game messaging but at least something.

SpartanGR3917d ago

DTS-MA is more important to me. I have a ton DTS-MA fox movies to watch. So this update leaves me uninterested

meepmoopmeep3917d ago

i'll look at the BD-2.0 catalog of movies coming out to see if i'll get one to try out the 2.0 features. awesome how the PS3 is upgradeable via firmware.

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