Xbox One pre-order auctions fetch more than $500 on eBay

Auctions to secure a pre-order for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One fetched more than $500 on eBay post reveal of the new console.

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Relientk772023d ago

Can't wait to see how much the Next-Gen consoles sell for off Ebay, especially if they're hard to get at launch

I remember people paying almost $2000 for PS3's back in 2006 off eEbay

BadboyCivic2023d ago

I am willing to pay $499 for the PS4.
No more than $399 for X1

Relientk772023d ago

I know its crazy what people pay for stuff off Ebay sometimes, especially if it's hard to get

adorie2023d ago

I don't like this practice. It's unfair to people who really want the console at their original price and to enjoy the launch, only to be stymied by capitalist fools who are just out for a profit. Nothing wrong with that either, I guess, but it just irks me and yanks my chain the the most violent way.

SilentNegotiator2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Buying at launch is a sucker's game anyway, with initial failure rates and such.

I'll be taking two days off of work to camp out for a new system and make 2 grand in one sitting, I tell you what. Easy money.

Perfectly fair, mah boy. Demand drives price and there's a lot of demand at launch. Since the big three don't take advantage of how much they could sell them for the first week or so, other people buy them and do so.

SilentNegotiator2023d ago

To anyone that thinks that it's exploitative, think of it like this; it's a service.

Party 1 really wants a very limited product. They cannot wait. They don't have time or else patience to get one themselves though the necessary means.

Party 2 has the time and means to get the product and deliver it to that person. They take the lengthy and wearisome process of waiting outside of a store for one.

Party 2 is paid for his time and the system.

MontyQ2023d ago

I can get a VHS that looks like xbone for $5 at value village

Dunpeal2023d ago

oh you saw that blue light special too??? *high-five*

AutoCad2023d ago

thats too high i got a george foreman grill that looked like the ps3 for 4 bucks at a yard sale.

ApolloTheBoss2023d ago

Never thought I'd see another person who shops at VV on N4G.

adorie2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

How much is my original copy of Nightmare on Elmstreet to you? VHS format of course. Lol. Comes with original box too. :P

LackTrue4K2023d ago

lol....this gives me an idea.
i wonder if i can away with it. (logs in to ebay account)

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DJMarty2023d ago

Pretty poor, shows how ther is limited demand for Xbox One.

Gamers don't want a pay walled cable box.

2023d ago
ZodTheRipper2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Or completely moronic. Paying 500$ half a year before launch for a console that's expected to cost about 400$ at launch is just absurd.

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The story is too old to be commented.