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GIZORAMA - Mugen Souls is a JRPG where you play as Chou-Chou, the undisputed god who is bent on conquering the seven different worlds and making everyone her peon (kind of like a servant that’s obsessed and infatuated with her). She has the power to change her form to better suit the personalities of those she wishes to make her peon based on what kind of female they find attractive (sadists, klutzes, graceful girls, etc.)

If the story sounds silly, you’re right. It is incredibly silly. One thing I appreciated about it though, was that it never took itself too seriously. Sure, the dialogue was sophomoric and full of sexual undertones, but it’s supposed to be that way. I also appreciated how often the dialogue made me genuinely laugh, from a gaming standpoint. For instance, early on in the game, when Chou-Chou is trying to conquer the first world, she comes across a hero who is like the stereotypical male RPG gamer. He makes a girl wear nothing but a bikini and when she expresses the fact she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing just a bikini, he mentions that only the hero of the party has control over what clothing and armor the people in his party wears.

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