UK PS4 pre-order site launched by Sony

Users in the United Kingdom can start placing pre-orders from selected retailers.

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BadboyCivic1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Great news, I wonder if they will price it better than PS3 launch

I just want to be able to afford one at launch. First wave of PS3 went on eBay for crazy amount of $$$$$

iGAM3R-VIII1995d ago

Sony did say that they learnt from their mistakes from the PS3 launch so I could anticipate a much lower price than the PS3 at launch

HammadTheBeast1995d ago

Well they got rid of the cell, Blu-ray is MUCH cheaper now, and the parts are probably cheaper than they were 7 years ago.

Then again, everything is updated, and it is a beast of a console... around $350-$400 is my guess.

Soldierone1995d ago

Yeah, and there will be idiots sitting in line buying up entire stores stock to put them all straight on Ebay....

I hope GameStop and other major retailers have names listed and addresses in some major database so they can't store hop too. Keep it to one per person, two per household. That way these scammers can't have entire lines of people just to gobble up the inventory....If you want more than that, then wait for second shipment.....

Was so annoying trying to find a system this generation only for employees to go "Yeah some guy came in and bought 20 of them so he could flip em on Ebay....."

ulissesnascim1995d ago

Is it just me or the PS4 price is confirmed at 400 euros?

kreate1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

'Yeah some guy came in and bought 20 of them so he could flip em on Ebay.'

this is an extreme case. most major retailers would not allow this. i guess if u have cash on hand u can go and buy 1 at a time.

but that statement sounds more like 1 guy came and bought 20 in 1 transaction.

even if its not launch, most major retailers puts a red flag when someone tries to buy that many of the same electronics on 1 transaction.

retailers dont even like the chinese coming over and buying 20 coach bags in same transaction just to take it back to china and make a knock-off of it and sell it at mass production back to americans and other people for half the retail price.

maybe it depends on the country ur at. but im talking USA.

Tonester9251994d ago

Buy 2 PS4's then sell one for $$$ then buy all the launch games

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Crazyglues1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Why are you able to pre-order in the U.K. what about the U.S..

I want to pre-order....

-I'm ready to order Mine now along with My -Day-One- Games..

Assassin Creed IV
Second Son

Sony I'm ready, tell Amazon to start taking Pre-orders, I want to lock mine in...

(I can't tell you right now in the U.S. it's going to be a feeding frenzy at launch, best way to avoid that is to lock in your pre-order)

||.........___||............ ||

twinspectre1995d ago

dude why you support games with DRM?? EA ,Activision and UBISOFT supports DRM , i don't support these publishers because of DRM

BDG1995d ago

Amazon UK been taking pre orders for few days now
I ordered mine already :-)

Crazyglues1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

@ twinspectre

well we don't know for sure if it will have that on PS4 or not... if it is then I wont' buy those -so until we know for sure they are day one's..

-But E3 should answer these questions for us..
(So we shall see)

||.........___||............ ||

Garbanjo0011995d ago

I'm agains the DRM movement, but I do find it useful in a way. Digitally downloaded games makes the console better meaning I can play oldschool games that I want to play, because PSN is going to reveal long time coming digital formatted video games.

However I am also against it because I like the idea of backwards compatibility. That being said, it doesn't matter about it being DRM, because new consoles and games are coming. I want one at launch, but I doubt I can get it.

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ijust2good1995d ago

Good, they cannot miss out UK launch this fall. Xbox 360 has dominated the UK this gen. They cannot give Xbone any breathing space if they wanna reclaim this ex sony territory.

iGAM3R-VIII1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

hate to rain on your troll parade but the PS3 is more dominate in the UK. In fact the UK has been Sony's LARGEST buyer and it always was and will be their territory

Based on VGChartz, Sony sold 30.4 million in Europe and MS sold 24.1

IRetrouk1995d ago

Gamer i think he is talking about just the uk, not europe as a whole.

1995d ago
iGAM3R-VIII1995d ago

Duh I know he means UK. I couldn't find any chrts about only the UK so I did Europe instead which means that since the PS3 is stronger in Europe, I am assuming it is doing well in the UK.

@ANIALATOR136 "And the fact that 360 is the cheapest and thus easiest to get hold of console"


GribbleGrunger1995d ago

The 360 definitely sold more than the PS3 in the UK, but sold a lot less in Europe as a whole.

UK sales:

360: 9 million
PS3: 6 million

European sales:

360: 24 million
PS3: 31 million

kreate1994d ago


can we get a source?
where are these numbers coming from?

im sure the sales of the 360 is higher than ps3 in the UK but the general popularity seem to be shifted a bit where ps3 and the xbox is equally popular nowadays.

anyone in the UK want to make a comment about the popularity of the consoles in the UK?
other than fanboys?

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ajax171995d ago

Those Kaz gifs just get weirder and weirder. I love it!

Anon19741995d ago

What killed me is last week when Blockbuster in the UK claimed record Xbox One pre-orders when they weren't offering any pre-orders of any other console. Kinda like going onto a car lot where they only have one model and having the salesman say "It's our best seller!"

I see they're still not offering the PS4 for pre-sale in the UK which strikes me as odd. I guess Blockbuster isn't one of the "authorized retailers."

It'd be interesting if these other guys game us a glimpse into what the pre-order demand was like comparatively, just out of curiosity. Probably not much chance of that happening though.

GameCents1995d ago

Maybe learn to read and comprehend. They said most pre-ordered in Blockbuster's 24 year history. So it was a tally of all past consoles not just this generation.
This includes Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS2, X360, the lot. So not including PS4 pre-orders isn't being inaccurate in the least.

We all know you wouldn't be pointing this out if it were the other way around. Your fanboy bits are dangling. Cover up.

Anon19741994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Not sure why you're panties are in a bunch. I just pointed out the fact that the PS4 wasn't available for pre-order at Blockbuster. Nothing in your little rant does a damn thing to alter that fact. Nice try though.

As for "the most pre-ordered console" in Blockbuster history...fantastic! How long have they been taking pre-orders? What kind of numbers are we talking here? Have they allowed pre-orders online in the past? If so, what consoles have been made available for pre-order previously?

You say all those consoles have been available for pre-order through Blockbuster including the PS2? Interesting considering you can pull up a list of authorized PS3 retailers from around the time of launch and guess what....Blockbuster isn't on it. With launch consoles limited, you think Sony made a lot of consoles available for pre-order to a company that wasn't even authorized to sell it's hardware in the first place? What hardware has Blockbuster UK actually sold via pre-orders? Do you have any proof whatsoever to back up your claims?

Use your head.

GameCents1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

No you didn't JUST point out that ps4 wasn't available at Blockbusters. Your whole comment implied that in the whole history of Blockbusters, only Xbox One had ever been up for pre-order.
Here you go.

Are we done?

nosferatuzodd1995d ago

Hey sony psst over here remember us over here in da usa make a site 4 us too ok

Psn8001995d ago

Been and pre-ordered .

yeahokchief1995d ago

@soldierone one of my roomates in college did that with 3-4 wiis to help pay for his car. I couldnt believe people were willing to pay so much. why wouldnt they just preorder?

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Arai1995d ago

This was recently added and that link only exists for the UK.
I've tried Netherlands, Finland and the doesn't exist.

I wonder what's going on, this is the main page it's found at:

saint_seya1995d ago

OMG u see that deep down is there as a game, like i had my doubts if was it, though was more a target demo, but if is in there is a real game #HappyGamerHere

Bluepowerzz1995d ago

cant wait im from uk huge sony fan

superterabyte1995d ago

U.k., Sony fan, android fan. We're a rarity son.

bub161995d ago

that we are! shopto 399, not to bad of a price, UK always seems to get ripped off aswell

SniperControl1995d ago

Already pre-ordered from Game back in February!

Kurisu1995d ago

Same! £20 well spent.

IRetrouk1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Yep im there with you, that deposit got thrown at the sales assistant quicker than a bullet lol

Noticed people that said they preordered in feb from game are getting disagrees, its a fact i preordered mine in feb too, game were on the ball from the get go lol

MRMagoo1231995d ago

same thing happened here in Australia, as soon as they did a ps4 reveal EB games where taking pre orders to guarantee you a ps4 at launch, i think i was first to get one in and im at $560 now.