E3 2013: 10 Reveals We Are Most Excited About

WC writes: E3 has really snuck up on us this year. In fact, all the big reveals will start hitting next Monday. That is literally insane. We have had a bunch of prior reveals and conferences before this year’s show which has perhaps made it feel like we have seen a lot of stuff that would normally be left for the big show itself. However, that hasn’t diminished interest in this years show. In fact, quite the contrary. This show is set to be the most intriguing E3s in years because of, simply, all the questions going around generated from all the preshow news.

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TheUltimateGamer2024d ago

Just had to say that WiHD Rocks! is sponsoring a Gears of War tournament at E3. Booth # 507 (Just left of the front door). Should be a blast. Check out our site for more information.

LAWSON722024d ago

Watch Dogs? They already showed gameplay what else do you want them to reveal it is like some people like to not be surprised.

Bluepowerzz2024d ago


Iceman_Nightmare2024d ago

Mirrors Edge 2, Conker's Other Bad Fur Day, and DRIVECLUB!

medman2023d ago

I'm excited by the new Ip's we don't know anything about yet. What will be to this years E3 what Watch_Dogs was to last years conference? What kind of changes in gameplay can we expect with the increased performance capabilities of the new consoles and how will developers utilize the new tools they have been given? Oh, and I'm really hoping to see what the next gen Uncharted will look like on new machinery. A trailer of that would be nice, but I doubt we'll see it.