Bayonetta 2 Confirmed for E3 Nintendo Direct Appearance

Nintendolife writes: "During Nintendo's official Wii U release date reveal last year, one of the most high profile and surprising announcements was that Bayonetta 2, sequel to the popular Xbox 360 and PS3 title from Platinum Games, would be exclusive to Wii U. Nintendo had picked up publishing duties in order to make the project possible, and in that act had secured exclusivity for its console, causing quite a stir in online gaming communities."

"Not much has been seen of it since, beyond a few minutes of behind the scenes footage earlier in the year, but tweet-happy Platinum Games man Hideki Kamiya has taken to the social network to confirm that the title will be shown off during the big N's E3 Nintendo Direct on 11th June."

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Reibooi1814d ago

Hope we get some good long look at the game play and not little teasers or snippets.

The combat in the original game was so good I can't wait to see how they are gonna step it up.

pr0t0typeknuckles1814d ago

thats pretty much thats all that has to be said,bayonetta has become the new devil may cry which is a really good thing,and a reason to get a wii u.

ABizzel11814d ago

"bayonetta has become the new devil may cry"

Combat-wise. Yes and IMO maybe a bit better.

Everything else. No.

garos821813d ago

i loved the over the top presentation of the graphics and style of it all and the gameplay was both deep and satisfying, its a shame i wont be able to get this on ps4 so i might make the investment at a later date for wii u. i wouldnt get a wii u only for this btw ill probably pick it up for next super smash bros and definately keeping an eye out for next mario/zelda/metroid stuff that hopefully will be shown or hinted at e3

jcnba281814d ago

I'm really excited for this game but anybody who follows Hideki Kamiya on twitter knows that he trolls or jokes a lot in his tweets so I would take this news with a pinch of salt.

gamer421814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

i hope so, but Kamiya has been known to troll on his twitter by telling small lies to people that keep asking him the same questions. So I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Shok1814d ago

But there's no reason why it shouldn't be there though.

And Kamiya did say that W101 would get a release date at the last Direct, and it did, so I think he's temporarily chillin' on his trolling lol.

jcnba281814d ago

Have you seen his account today? He has gone on overdrive with the trolling.

PrimeGrime1814d ago

About time if this is true, been forever since we seen anything of this.

Apex131814d ago

It's finally kicking into gear.

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The story is too old to be commented.