5 PS Vita Games to play this Summer

As we get closer to the summer season (in the Northern Hemisphere), many of us will simply rather stay home and relax on such hot weather. While some will go to the beaches or out of the country, real gamers will most likely just lock their doors down and play games throughout the three months of the summer season.

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BuffMordecai1692d ago

Pretty good list, though I would remove Resistance, that game is garbage and a disgrace to the Resistance series, wait for Killzone Mercenary for a true portable fps experience. Muramasa Rebirth is coming in June and looks to be a good summer game.

sherimae24131692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

to me its
-dragon's crown
-ys: celceta

not to mention there still
-muramasa: rebirth
-rayman legends
-atelier meruru plus
-valhalla knights 3
-ragnarok odyssey ace
-batman origins blackgate
-jak and daxter hd collections
-epic mickey 2

and still to come
-final fantasy x hd
-final fantasy x-2 hd

whew, im gonna be broke with all these VITA games for THIS YEAR ALONE
and im not yet mentioning the indie titles! and its still before E3 ^_^

GreenRanger1692d ago

You'll game yourself to death if you're not careful.

sherimae24131692d ago

yeah, thats why i only need to chose at only 5 or 7 games for this year....
tsk, maybe ill decide after e3 to know if there are still more interesting games that might come this year, sigh...
i wish i could buy all those games but i need to save up for a ps4

admiralvic1692d ago

Why would you list 5 games to play this summer when only one of them releases this summer and even then Toukiden is limited to Japan.

sherimae24131692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

looks like you didnt know? toukiden willbe localize this year along with atelier meruru plus on september

go find it here:
tecmo koei e3 2013 line up at n4g
or or siliconera or destructoid or any other gaming sites, your late to the news

here is a link i-announces-e3-2013-lineup-con f irms-atelier-meruru-plus-touki d en-for-western-release

there ^_^ and im talking about all the vita games that will be release for the rest of the year
and if you think only 1 vita game would be release for this summer...
well....just do a little research unless you hate it

so? what is your point then? a game is a game
i dont have a ps3 so all this games are new to me
besides why are you even here ninty fanboy
sick and tired of the wii u and 3ds channel?

i appreciate you criticism and correction still im talking all the games that would be release for the vita this year ^_^

admiralvic1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

@ Sherimae2413

While I appreciate the effort, that was not my point in the least. My point was just that Toukiden was the only game releasing in this time period, but that release is limited to Japan. The localized versions are set for times long past summer.

jcnba281692d ago

Half of your list are ports and hd remakes.

Ult iMate1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

So what?
I can play "big" games on Vita wherever I go and not just only infront of my TV. I'm not limited by TV anymore. Thanks to Vita for that.

porkChop1692d ago

But many of those games won't be out "this summer". Like Killzone, Tearaway, Arkham Blackgate, Rayman Legends, Ys, etc.

moparful991692d ago

I don't know why but I am salivating at that batman origins: blackgate.. It looks awesome and killzone mercenary looks great too.. Glad there is some meaty titles finally coming down for the vita..

admiralvic1692d ago

"Glad there is some meaty titles finally"

I don't know about anyone else, but I absolutely despise comments like this. The fact is, the Vita already has some "meaty" titles, which include the following:

- Soul Sacrifice
- Lord of Apocalypse
- Street Fighter X Tekken / Blazblue / Dead or Alive 5 +
- Ninja Gaiden Sigma / Sigma 2 +
- Persona 4 the Golden
- Ragnarok
- WipEout
- LittleBigPlanet
- Tales of Innocence R / Heart R

Additionally, we don't know enough about either to know how meaty they actually are.

moparful991691d ago

@admiralvic I was referring to my personal tastes.. A "meaty" title to me is completely different then a "meaty" title to someone else.. I wasn't defining any of the vita's current catalog as weak.. Sorry for the not clarifying.

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Nicaragua1692d ago

Soul Sacrifice all the way for me, i am proper addicted and havent touched any of my other games since i got it.

MusashiBlack1692d ago

I'm still waiting on Phantasy Star Online 2…

TwilightSparkle1692d ago

Hmm lets see

Dragon crown
Marumasa rebirth
Jak and daxter hd collection
Ffx hd
Atelier meruru
And what ever rpg games they announce this year oh and a bunch of 3ds games man im broke the rest of the year ; )

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