Couric Leads Scare Tactics Against Video Games

Earlier this month, CBS journalist Katie Couric aired an episode on her personal television show (appropriately named “Katie”) called “Are Video Games Ruining Your Life?” The episode spoke about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, Aurora shooter James Holmes, and finally both Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the infamous Columbine shooters. A point Couric brought up was the fact that all of these people were in fact huge fans of video games and avid gamers. Along with the Columbine shooting that took place over ten years ago, almost 14 to be exact, Couric also brought up a case in 2007, in which 16 year old Daniel Petric had his game taken away. He responded by taking a gun from his fathers safe, and shooting his mother to death. He also shot his father with the intent to kill, but did not succeed.

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