KKEnt’s Review of Grid 2

Kuma's Review: Greetings race fans, welcome to KKEnt’s review of Grid 2 and since the heat is cranked up; it is considered the best season to go out racing. It has been five years since the first game was released to the world and honestly we wanted more of this arcade racing simulator. The thing about Grid is the fact that it is your linear racing simulator when you are in the campaign; it’s not really complicated because it is all about the business and getting sponsors. I will get more into it as we go a long each corner of this review.

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Fasttrack761994d ago

Good read , it's an A for me, B+ is to low

SavageKuma1994d ago

Thanks for reading. It lost points because it took away things that I thought were great in the first game.

Lazarus691994d ago

Scores about right having been playing it it's not as good as the first in my opinion

SavageKuma1994d ago

First had a lot more to offer.