Microsoft: “No TV Talk” At E3, All About The Games

Thesixthaxis: The video above is an exaggeration, of course, but it sums up the lasting impression from Microsoft’s bumbled reveal of the Xbox One. E3, however, will be all about the games.

“I can confirm that we will have TV’s (or similar) on stage to show the games,” said Microsoft’s Larry Hryb today when quizzed about the press conference content.

“That should be the extent of TV talk.”

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

That's good to hear. Just keep it that way 90% if the time and you will be ok. Also don't just talk also show your stuff. Learn from your mistakes Microsoft. Gamers brought you where you are today so you should treat them as top priority.

golding891695d ago

well said. Show the games MS. you already have the multimedia hands the games is the next step..

MurDocINC1695d ago

Good but actually show games footage not pre-render cg.

Imalwaysright1695d ago

@ goldin Why would MS spend their money on games when according to you they don't need them to sell more consoles than the competition?

abzdine1695d ago

As long as it's live demos they're showing I'm fine cause the Kinect crap and CG trailers that don't bring anything it's every year the same.
Sony are gonna go full gas with games

thechosenone1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

What about blocking used games or the ability to borrow or lend games to friends? Always-on DRM? So it'll be all about the games but not how you'll be able to use those games is that right MS?

NukaCola1695d ago

Honestly this is kind of dumb. They blew off games at the reveal, and now they won't clarify the features they already showed off. Microsoft needs balance. So all these Xbone features they are pushing, and they won't talk about them at E3 at all? It feels as if they are trying to play mom and dad games behind different groups' backs without being up front with everyone and straight across the board. Telling the casuals one thing and the gamers another at two separate events. Talk about bringing people together.../s

Bzone241695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I know it's going to suck for most of you, but the ps4 is going to be very similar when it comes to used games. The only difference is that Sony will blame the developers saying they put it in their hands. That way they can remain the hero and everyone else is the bad guy.

Temporary1695d ago

Remember when they faked all those videos of Kinect?

Bet theyll do the same with Kinect 2.

finbars751695d ago

I gurantee they wont show as many games as they say they will.they will still have to talk about the console no matter which way you look at it.the console is incorporated into the games so Im sure they will talk about the games but each game will take forever to show so i guantee there are only a handful of games that are only for xboxone and alot of multiplatform games which mean nothing if there for all consoles.They will probally go on about the kinnect 2.0 alot especially games related which nobody really cares about and it will be the same old franchises that we have have heard about over the last 7 years.MS talking about games and actually coming up with them are two different things hich makes me think they screwed themselves over.

hazardman1695d ago


MS said its their launch lineup, so i expect to see some games up and running. With launch being around the corner and all.

JokesOnYou1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Yeah well they said all along that was the plan, (the *1hr presentation was to reveal and talk about the next gen console and E3 will be for games) I actually like the new features aside from lingering questions about used game DRM, which they'll likely address in follow up media briefings, still of course its about games so I'm glad they got the TV stuff out of way to talk more about games.

btw I have 3 friends who bought tickets awhile back and will be going to E3, I can't wait to see their pics and hear their impressions, lucky bastards unfortunately I have to work.

I'm just hoping to see a really healthy mix of my old favorites like Halo5 (I pray but I don't think we will see it yet) and Forza, of course with a lot more fresh games like Quantum Break, -interested to see how that plays out with a Live Action TV episodes, Remedy has some great writers and what is Rare up to? If just, if they show a new Killer Instinct I will probably jump up out of my seat with my fist in the air. Definitely I'm hoping for something that wows me like when Gears first came out for the 360. Finally I'd like to see some REAL core hybrid games using Kinect 2.0, so far its only had some cool but limited implementation in core games, expanding on those existing ideas would be welcomed. Also for the love of god I'd like to see more Halo Wars type RTS along with true open world style Watch Dogs type game from Microsoft. -Damm OK I could go on all day but yeah this would be great.

JokesOnYou1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

oh and If any of you guys would like to see some inside photos after E3 just let me know.

titletownrelo1695d ago

“I can confirm that we will have TV’s (or similar) on stage to show the games,”

Yeah...SONY's tvs XD

Dee_911695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Am i the only one who doesnt really care about the games they are going to show ? well the exclusive ones anyway, well I care but its in vain.No matter what I wont be getting the xbox with those restrictions.They need to address that first... hell actually they need to address it prior to e3, dont know why they are still tip toeing around that considering e3 will be all about the games, now is the time to address it.No matter how bad I want forza,but if always on or 24hr check up and mandatory installs is still happening then im gonna have to pass on it.

Anon19741695d ago

That's good to hear. E3 the past few years has been a bit light on games from the Microsoft camp, instead focusing on things like Kinect, Smartglass, ESPN partnerships, etc. With the way the reveal went, to me it just seemed further comfirmation of what we've been seeing for years now, a shift away from games with Microsoft's games console.

We'll have to wait and see what E3 has in store, but at least they're not going to be beating us over the head with that TV nonsense that won't be useful for anyone outside of the US and that no one asked for in the first place. "It'll pull up my TV guide, just like my cable box does already? Well golly gee!"

pixelsword1694d ago

CG is fine; Killzone 2 did it, and look how nice that game turned out.

As long as they use it as a goal to reach, not to deceive, of course.

DoesUs1694d ago

@Jokes. You don't buy tickets for E3, it's an industry (covering all aspects) event. When you register your credentials are required and then verified.

JokesOnYou1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

DoesUs, Yeah I know that I should of explained better but one of them basicly paid for passes from a connection who owns a pc repair store, not that I have anything to prove but of course I can get them to send me pics and not from any site of course but real live pics from E3. They had to put in leave to go and trust me Im sick of them letting me know how much Im missing out, *** nah but they are cool though.

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dasbeer881695d ago

I'm concerned by their meaning of games. Are they talking about EXCLUSIVE games? Or TIMED EXCLUSIVES? Or MULTIPLATFORM? As far as I'm concerned, MS would talk about games, yes, but probably talk about exclusive content which would make gamers realize that those games are coming to other platforms as well.
And for the love of ****, I hope that MS don't talk about Kinect games throughout their whole presentation.

Software_Lover1695d ago

OMG STFU already. You guys will spin anything relatively positive into a negative.

B-radical1695d ago

its getting old now hush

Pl4sm41695d ago

like game tycoon sub name for E3 ''GAMES GAMES GAMES'' G3

zebramocha1695d ago

Obviously Ms is lying,they are going to talk about game based tv shows and shows based of games like jeopardy kinect,wheel of kinect and halo naw,it a urban sketch comedy series head to comedy network.

GT671695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

"no tv talk @ E3 all about games"

oh' how MS trying to turn sh't around now.

shoulda, woulda is to late to clear up that lie.

southernbanana1695d ago

I kind of remember Microsoft stating, before the reveal, that the reveal was to show the system and E3 was to show the games. So how can it be a lie when they are doing exactly that.......

GT671695d ago

@ chiquita bannana

becos they should have done that at the conference
which they did not. they talked about DRM,always on,watching you always, no price point,tv always on,MS spying on you what more do you want??

3-4-51695d ago

yea movies don't count....we need to see somebody holding an XB1 controller playing a game live...and we want to watch JUST THAT footage for every game your releasing Microsoft...

andibandit1695d ago

You mean like controlling the game with kinect and using the controller to change channels?

Condemnedman1694d ago

Did sony show gameplay with a controller ? I cant remember

titletownrelo1695d ago

they've had 10 YEARS to prepare for these series of conferences, and somehow they are screwing up! Lost all of my sympathy.

Dunpeal1695d ago

they will schedule a special announcement event one day prior to E3 to announce that they will only be talking about games at E3 lol

Sideras1695d ago

And get rid of the always online stuff, and get rid of the forced DRM BS.

RenegadeRocks1695d ago

Actually now that they have talked TV to their heart's content, they should talk Internet Explorer now ! We saw so little of that MS ! LOL ! Aso talk about how everything that is free on other platforms like MP, Skype, watching TV, plaiying games is all paid on XBone !
Games should be last priority. Maybe like th elast 5 mins, u can tell us u have some games where even Hippos walk out of th eway if u approach them.. THAT is real next gen power !

badvlad1694d ago

Microsoft thanks for the pro tips...

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Godmars2901695d ago

Still, are they going to talk about pricing and what that involves? Will Sony for that matter.

And how long are their E3 presentations?

admiralvic1695d ago

Typically an hour, but you can do a lot in that time if you don't detail the crap out of stupid stuff.

True_Samurai1695d ago

I believe Microsoft is the usual 90 min

Angainor71695d ago

actually 120 minutes this time

MrBeatdown1695d ago


Spike TV has it listed from 12:30pm - 2:00pm.

MrBeatdown1694d ago

Ah, disagrees with fact, backed up by proof. Gotta love it.

Angainor71695d ago


SeriousSam1695d ago

No surprise. We knew this a month ago. The word was clearly out that they had a two part reveal; multimedia, then games at E3. Anyone whining about how there were no games at the reveal must've missed the memo.

Mr_Nuts1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I don't think the "no games" were the main problem of the Xbox reveal. Even still they could of showed a couple with some actually gameplay footage since they have apparently 15 to show off, not like they can show them all off at this E3

Temporary1695d ago

No, the issue is that of the 15 exclusive games, 12 of them will be Kinect titles.

PsnGammer211695d ago

No your rong 6 kinect and 6 arcade -_- and then 2 shit games (forza,gears) and one good game halo lol

araman1695d ago

And maybe one new IP among all of that.

rainslacker1695d ago

They also have quantum break. I'm assuming that to be a exclusive. So, Forza and Quantum break make 2.

Foxgod1694d ago

Crackdown and Ryse (been confirmed that it plays with a controller) as well.

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DonFreezer1695d ago

The thing that most ps fanbos don't understand is that E3 is much bigger than the Xbox One reveal and If they were left with a lackluster line up in there everyone would bush them and their failing would be much bigger.

brave27heart1694d ago


We all got the memo, what we didnt realise is that they'd mess up their reveal so badly. Mixed messages, unclear visions and poor communication. We know E3 will be about the games the question is will they mess that up too? They've touted 15 exclusives for the first year, what happens if they only discuss 5 of them at E3? What if the majority of their showing is cgi?

Microsoft need to come out strong. Im not sure they even know how to do so at this point.

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DxTrixterz1695d ago

Now why do I have a feeling that Sony will talk about TV,TV,TV just like Microsoft on Xbox reveal.

MasterCornholio1695d ago

Nope it will be all about the games.

Im sorry to tell you this but Sony has said on many occasions that the PS4s focus is games.

admiralvic1695d ago

It won't be. E3 is attended by people related to gaming in some way and is typically watched exclusively by those that care about gaming. It would be a waste of MILLIONS to not talk about gaming at a gaming event that pretty much caters exclusively to gamers.

punisher991695d ago

Even if they did, atleast Sony has already showed off some games unlike microsoft.

Software_Lover1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

They showed 2 games

Killzone and Knack.

The rest were talked about or were cgi. The MM game was a demo of sorts.

But on the flip side, those 2 games were more than Microsoft showed.

Foxgod1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

MS showed Forza and Quantum Break, even tho Quantum break was only 10 seconds or so of material.
So they did 2 games as well.

RiPPn1695d ago

Sony has 3 platforms of games to show, and I don't think they will leave the Vita out this year like they did last with the rumored amount of games about to be announced for it. Should be a great E3 from all console companies.

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