Microsoft: “No TV Talk” At E3, All About The Games

Thesixthaxis: The video above is an exaggeration, of course, but it sums up the lasting impression from Microsoft’s bumbled reveal of the Xbox One. E3, however, will be all about the games.

“I can confirm that we will have TV’s (or similar) on stage to show the games,” said Microsoft’s Larry Hryb today when quizzed about the press conference content.

“That should be the extent of TV talk.”

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Godmars2901942d ago

Still, are they going to talk about pricing and what that involves? Will Sony for that matter.

And how long are their E3 presentations?

admiralvic1942d ago

Typically an hour, but you can do a lot in that time if you don't detail the crap out of stupid stuff.

True_Samurai1942d ago

I believe Microsoft is the usual 90 min

Angainor71942d ago

actually 120 minutes this time

MrBeatdown1942d ago


Spike TV has it listed from 12:30pm - 2:00pm.

MrBeatdown1941d ago

Ah, disagrees with fact, backed up by proof. Gotta love it.

Angainor71942d ago


SeriousSam1942d ago

No surprise. We knew this a month ago. The word was clearly out that they had a two part reveal; multimedia, then games at E3. Anyone whining about how there were no games at the reveal must've missed the memo.

Mr_Nuts1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I don't think the "no games" were the main problem of the Xbox reveal. Even still they could of showed a couple with some actually gameplay footage since they have apparently 15 to show off, not like they can show them all off at this E3

Temporary1942d ago

No, the issue is that of the 15 exclusive games, 12 of them will be Kinect titles.

PsnGammer211942d ago

No your rong 6 kinect and 6 arcade -_- and then 2 shit games (forza,gears) and one good game halo lol

araman1942d ago

And maybe one new IP among all of that.

rainslacker1942d ago

They also have quantum break. I'm assuming that to be a exclusive. So, Forza and Quantum break make 2.

Foxgod1941d ago

Crackdown and Ryse (been confirmed that it plays with a controller) as well.

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DonFreezer1942d ago

The thing that most ps fanbos don't understand is that E3 is much bigger than the Xbox One reveal and If they were left with a lackluster line up in there everyone would bush them and their failing would be much bigger.

brave27heart1942d ago


We all got the memo, what we didnt realise is that they'd mess up their reveal so badly. Mixed messages, unclear visions and poor communication. We know E3 will be about the games the question is will they mess that up too? They've touted 15 exclusives for the first year, what happens if they only discuss 5 of them at E3? What if the majority of their showing is cgi?

Microsoft need to come out strong. Im not sure they even know how to do so at this point.

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DxTrixterz1942d ago

Now why do I have a feeling that Sony will talk about TV,TV,TV just like Microsoft on Xbox reveal.

MasterCornholio1942d ago

Nope it will be all about the games.

Im sorry to tell you this but Sony has said on many occasions that the PS4s focus is games.

admiralvic1942d ago

It won't be. E3 is attended by people related to gaming in some way and is typically watched exclusively by those that care about gaming. It would be a waste of MILLIONS to not talk about gaming at a gaming event that pretty much caters exclusively to gamers.

punisher991942d ago

Even if they did, atleast Sony has already showed off some games unlike microsoft.

Software_Lover1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

They showed 2 games

Killzone and Knack.

The rest were talked about or were cgi. The MM game was a demo of sorts.

But on the flip side, those 2 games were more than Microsoft showed.

Foxgod1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

MS showed Forza and Quantum Break, even tho Quantum break was only 10 seconds or so of material.
So they did 2 games as well.

RiPPn1942d ago

Sony has 3 platforms of games to show, and I don't think they will leave the Vita out this year like they did last with the rumored amount of games about to be announced for it. Should be a great E3 from all console companies.

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