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Submitted by proudly_X 980d ago | news

Microsoft: “No TV Talk” At E3, All About The Games

Thesixthaxis: The video above is an exaggeration, of course, but it sums up the lasting impression from Microsoft’s bumbled reveal of the Xbox One. E3, however, will be all about the games.

“I can confirm that we will have TV’s (or similar) on stage to show the games,” said Microsoft’s Larry Hryb today when quizzed about the press conference content.

“That should be the extent of TV talk.” (E3, Microsoft, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   980d ago | Well said
That's good to hear. Just keep it that way 90% if the time and you will be ok. Also don't just talk also show your stuff. Learn from your mistakes Microsoft. Gamers brought you where you are today so you should treat them as top priority.
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golding89  +   980d ago
well said. Show the games MS. you already have the multimedia hands the games is the next step..
MurDocINC  +   980d ago
Good but actually show games footage not pre-render cg.
Imalwaysright  +   980d ago
@ goldin Why would MS spend their money on games when according to you they don't need them to sell more consoles than the competition?
abzdine  +   980d ago
As long as it's live demos they're showing I'm fine cause the Kinect crap and CG trailers that don't bring anything it's every year the same.
Sony are gonna go full gas with games
thechosenone  +   980d ago
What about blocking used games or the ability to borrow or lend games to friends? Always-on DRM? So it'll be all about the games but not how you'll be able to use those games is that right MS?
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NukaCola  +   980d ago
Honestly this is kind of dumb. They blew off games at the reveal, and now they won't clarify the features they already showed off. Microsoft needs balance. So all these Xbone features they are pushing, and they won't talk about them at E3 at all? It feels as if they are trying to play mom and dad games behind different groups' backs without being up front with everyone and straight across the board. Telling the casuals one thing and the gamers another at two separate events. Talk about bringing people together.../s
Bzone24  +   980d ago
I know it's going to suck for most of you, but the ps4 is going to be very similar when it comes to used games. The only difference is that Sony will blame the developers saying they put it in their hands. That way they can remain the hero and everyone else is the bad guy.
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Temporary  +   980d ago
Remember when they faked all those videos of Kinect?

Bet theyll do the same with Kinect 2.
finbars75  +   980d ago
I gurantee they wont show as many games as they say they will.they will still have to talk about the console no matter which way you look at it.the console is incorporated into the games so Im sure they will talk about the games but each game will take forever to show so i guantee there are only a handful of games that are only for xboxone and alot of multiplatform games which mean nothing if there for all consoles.They will probally go on about the kinnect 2.0 alot especially games related which nobody really cares about and it will be the same old franchises that we have have heard about over the last 7 years.MS talking about games and actually coming up with them are two different things hich makes me think they screwed themselves over.
hazardman  +   980d ago

MS said its their launch lineup, so i expect to see some games up and running. With launch being around the corner and all.
JokesOnYou  +   980d ago
Yeah well they said all along that was the plan, (the *1hr presentation was to reveal and talk about the next gen console and E3 will be for games) I actually like the new features aside from lingering questions about used game DRM, which they'll likely address in follow up media briefings, still of course its about games so I'm glad they got the TV stuff out of way to talk more about games.

btw I have 3 friends who bought tickets awhile back and will be going to E3, I can't wait to see their pics and hear their impressions, lucky bastards unfortunately I have to work.

I'm just hoping to see a really healthy mix of my old favorites like Halo5 (I pray but I don't think we will see it yet) and Forza, of course with a lot more fresh games like Quantum Break, -interested to see how that plays out with a Live Action TV episodes, Remedy has some great writers and what is Rare up to? If just, if they show a new Killer Instinct I will probably jump up out of my seat with my fist in the air. Definitely I'm hoping for something that wows me like when Gears first came out for the 360. Finally I'd like to see some REAL core hybrid games using Kinect 2.0, so far its only had some cool but limited implementation in core games, expanding on those existing ideas would be welcomed. Also for the love of god I'd like to see more Halo Wars type RTS along with true open world style Watch Dogs type game from Microsoft. -Damm OK I could go on all day but yeah this would be great.
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JokesOnYou  +   980d ago
oh and If any of you guys would like to see some inside photos after E3 just let me know.
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titletownrelo  +   980d ago
“I can confirm that we will have TV’s (or similar) on stage to show the games,”

Yeah...SONY's tvs XD
Dee_91  +   980d ago
Am i the only one who doesnt really care about the games they are going to show ? well the exclusive ones anyway, well I care but its in vain.No matter what I wont be getting the xbox with those restrictions.They need to address that first... hell actually they need to address it prior to e3, dont know why they are still tip toeing around that considering e3 will be all about the games, now is the time to address it.No matter how bad I want forza,but if always on or 24hr check up and mandatory installs is still happening then im gonna have to pass on it.
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Anon1974  +   980d ago
That's good to hear. E3 the past few years has been a bit light on games from the Microsoft camp, instead focusing on things like Kinect, Smartglass, ESPN partnerships, etc. With the way the reveal went, to me it just seemed further comfirmation of what we've been seeing for years now, a shift away from games with Microsoft's games console.

We'll have to wait and see what E3 has in store, but at least they're not going to be beating us over the head with that TV nonsense that won't be useful for anyone outside of the US and that no one asked for in the first place. "It'll pull up my TV guide, just like my cable box does already? Well golly gee!"
pixelsword  +   980d ago
CG is fine; Killzone 2 did it, and look how nice that game turned out.

As long as they use it as a goal to reach, not to deceive, of course.
DoesUs  +   980d ago
@Jokes. You don't buy tickets for E3, it's an industry (covering all aspects) event. When you register your credentials are required and then verified.
JokesOnYou  +   979d ago
DoesUs, Yeah I know that I should of explained better but one of them basicly paid for passes from a connection who owns a pc repair store, not that I have anything to prove but of course I can get them to send me pics and not from any site of course but real live pics from E3. They had to put in leave to go and trust me Im sick of them letting me know how much Im missing out, *** nah but they are cool though.
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DoesUs  +   979d ago
@jokes. Np.
dasbeer88  +   980d ago
I'm concerned by their meaning of games. Are they talking about EXCLUSIVE games? Or TIMED EXCLUSIVES? Or MULTIPLATFORM? As far as I'm concerned, MS would talk about games, yes, but probably talk about exclusive content which would make gamers realize that those games are coming to other platforms as well.
And for the love of ****, I hope that MS don't talk about Kinect games throughout their whole presentation.
Software_Lover  +   980d ago
OMG STFU already. You guys will spin anything relatively positive into a negative.
B-radical  +   980d ago
its getting old now hush
hazardman  +   980d ago
Well said Kratos!
Pl4sm4  +   980d ago
like game tycoon sub name for E3 ''GAMES GAMES GAMES'' G3
zebramocha  +   980d ago
Obviously Ms is lying,they are going to talk about game based tv shows and shows based of games like jeopardy kinect,wheel of kinect and halo naw,it a urban sketch comedy series head to comedy network.
GT67  +   980d ago
"no tv talk @ E3 all about games"

oh' how MS trying to turn sh't around now.

shoulda, woulda is to late to clear up that lie.
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southernbanana  +   980d ago
I kind of remember Microsoft stating, before the reveal, that the reveal was to show the system and E3 was to show the games. So how can it be a lie when they are doing exactly that.......
GT67  +   980d ago
@ chiquita bannana

becos they should have done that at the conference
which they did not. they talked about DRM,always on,watching you always, no price point,tv always on,MS spying on you what more do you want??
3-4-5  +   980d ago
yea movies don't count....we need to see somebody holding an XB1 controller playing a game live...and we want to watch JUST THAT footage for every game your releasing Microsoft...
andibandit  +   980d ago
You mean like controlling the game with kinect and using the controller to change channels?
condemmedman  +   979d ago
Did sony show gameplay with a controller ? I cant remember
titletownrelo  +   980d ago
they've had 10 YEARS to prepare for these series of conferences, and somehow they are screwing up! Lost all of my sympathy.
Dunpeal  +   980d ago
they will schedule a special announcement event one day prior to E3 to announce that they will only be talking about games at E3 lol
Sideras  +   980d ago
And get rid of the always online stuff, and get rid of the forced DRM BS.
RenegadeRocks  +   980d ago
Actually now that they have talked TV to their heart's content, they should talk Internet Explorer now ! We saw so little of that MS ! LOL ! Aso talk about how everything that is free on other platforms like MP, Skype, watching TV, plaiying games is all paid on XBone !
Games should be last priority. Maybe like th elast 5 mins, u can tell us u have some games where even Hippos walk out of th eway if u approach them.. THAT is real next gen power !
badvlad  +   980d ago
Microsoft thanks for the pro tips...
Godmars290  +   980d ago
Still, are they going to talk about pricing and what that involves? Will Sony for that matter.

And how long are their E3 presentations?
admiralvic  +   980d ago
Typically an hour, but you can do a lot in that time if you don't detail the crap out of stupid stuff.
True_Samurai  +   980d ago
I believe Microsoft is the usual 90 min
Angainor7  +   980d ago
actually 120 minutes this time
MrBeatdown  +   980d ago

Spike TV has it listed from 12:30pm - 2:00pm.
MrBeatdown  +   979d ago
Ah, disagrees with fact, backed up by proof. Gotta love it.
Angainor7  +   980d ago
SeriousSam  +   980d ago
No surprise. We knew this a month ago. The word was clearly out that they had a two part reveal; multimedia, then games at E3. Anyone whining about how there were no games at the reveal must've missed the memo.
Mr_Nuts  +   980d ago
I don't think the "no games" were the main problem of the Xbox reveal. Even still they could of showed a couple with some actually gameplay footage since they have apparently 15 to show off, not like they can show them all off at this E3
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Temporary  +   980d ago
No, the issue is that of the 15 exclusive games, 12 of them will be Kinect titles.
golding89  +   980d ago
lol dude hush.
PsnGammer21  +   980d ago
No your rong 6 kinect and 6 arcade -_- and then 2 shit games (forza,gears) and one good game halo lol
araman  +   980d ago
And maybe one new IP among all of that.
rainslacker  +   980d ago
They also have quantum break. I'm assuming that to be a exclusive. So, Forza and Quantum break make 2.
Foxgod  +   979d ago
Crackdown and Ryse (been confirmed that it plays with a controller) as well.
DonFreezer  +   980d ago
The thing that most ps fanbos don't understand is that E3 is much bigger than the Xbox One reveal and If they were left with a lackluster line up in there everyone would bush them and their failing would be much bigger.
brave27heart  +   980d ago

We all got the memo, what we didnt realise is that they'd mess up their reveal so badly. Mixed messages, unclear visions and poor communication. We know E3 will be about the games the question is will they mess that up too? They've touted 15 exclusives for the first year, what happens if they only discuss 5 of them at E3? What if the majority of their showing is cgi?

Microsoft need to come out strong. Im not sure they even know how to do so at this point.
DxTrixterz  +   980d ago
Now why do I have a feeling that Sony will talk about TV,TV,TV just like Microsoft on Xbox reveal.
MasterCornholio  +   980d ago
Nope it will be all about the games.

Im sorry to tell you this but Sony has said on many occasions that the PS4s focus is games.
admiralvic  +   980d ago
It won't be. E3 is attended by people related to gaming in some way and is typically watched exclusively by those that care about gaming. It would be a waste of MILLIONS to not talk about gaming at a gaming event that pretty much caters exclusively to gamers.
punisher99  +   980d ago
Even if they did, atleast Sony has already showed off some games unlike microsoft.
Software_Lover  +   980d ago
They showed 2 games

Killzone and Knack.

The rest were talked about or were cgi. The MM game was a demo of sorts.

But on the flip side, those 2 games were more than Microsoft showed.
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Foxgod  +   979d ago
MS showed Forza and Quantum Break, even tho Quantum break was only 10 seconds or so of material.
So they did 2 games as well.
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Kingthrash360   980d ago | Bad language | show
RiPPn  +   980d ago
Sony has 3 platforms of games to show, and I don't think they will leave the Vita out this year like they did last with the rumored amount of games about to be announced for it. Should be a great E3 from all console companies.
Tetsujin  +   980d ago
“I can confirm that we will have TV’s (or similar) on stage to show the games,” said Microsoft’s Larry Hryb today when quizzed about the press conference content.

“That should be the extent of TV talk.” (From the article)

So about an hour of why you should bend over to the "always online" followed by 30 minutes of why you should get "Live Gold." /s

I'll watch it however I'm calling right now out of those 15 games 9 are Kinnect-related, and a couple of timed exclusives. I'm also calling a lot of talk about Live, more useless features that no one cares about, and maybe some reveal of a Rare game that no one wants.
Ausbo  +   980d ago
dont be an idiot dude. Those 15 games are all made my microsoft studios or at least collaborated with microsoft. Microsoft wouldnt make timed exclusives.
brave27heart  +   980d ago
Not being funny, but the best kinect games come from Microsoft studios, it makes sense that they'd want to show off their tech. Id expect at least 5 kinect games out of those 15. Maybe 5 Xbl games and 5 standard boxed retail games.
rela82me  +   980d ago
Honestly the always online thing could be a fantastic feature that should be implemented only on per-game basis. Not only are they using the 'always online' to minimize piracy, but they are using it for cloud computing. We may very well have another 7 years for this console, and if hardware advances at the rate it is now; these consoles may be obsolete in 3 years (if not already). This gives us as gamers to finally utilize cloud based computing. I don't believe right now that it will triple performance right out of the box. But in the years to come when the hardware has outlived its time, this technology may keep the console afloat.

As for the exclusives, I imagine they will have a kinect game or two. But if the statement that they are spending 1 billion dollars on these games are true; I can imagine a good 60% of those 15 being AAA titles if not more. In my honest opinion; Sony had some great games, but I felt that my time on the Xbox 360 exclusives were more favorable. I might say that the quality of some of the Sony Exclusives were better than that of Gears for instance. However, I spent more time playing Xbox 360 exclusives than I did PS3.

I admit I thought paying for online service was a rip. However, I got it because I wanted to play with friends and it had a lot to offer. A few years later I got the PS3 and I must say that Xbox Live had a superior experience. Sure the online functionality was mostly the same except for lagginess from the Sony servers. However, more people populated the Xbox Live community, and there was a much better marketplace and content delivered for Xbox Live which made my fee seem minimal.

Not that I fully support all of the things Microsoft has presented in the previous weeks, I do believe though that it certainly caught my eye and left me hoping for more. I personally like the features and trust their privacy policies they promise. I would highly consider watching cable through my Xbox. I love the idea of the screen split mode, and the full skyping capabilities. I think the Kinect has been gimmicky, but perhaps this time around have some practical gaming applications.

Rant Over.
sway_z  +   980d ago

...hopefully some clarity on pre-owned fiasco, prices, games and dates will be announced at E3.

I believe something Halo related (game) will be revealed for Xbox One. Microsoft has literally just registered

...if they are not showing TV stuff, it surely must be game related.

Finally, some good news for Xbox One fans!
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MysticStrummer  +   980d ago
They've put themselves in a spot where if they talk only about games and don't clarify some of the previous info they won't gain much ground.

Some of the online polls have been amazingly bad for MS.
Kingthrash360  +   980d ago

they really messed up....the reveal was such a mess that it needs to be clarified and that will takes some time away from showing games....but it HAS to be done or the games will suffer from all the unanswered questions.

what baffles me tho....really....why in gods name havent they clarified the rumors and questions???? they should do that now (like sony did) so they can havr a clean e3....but no they will not......because its most likely bad news.
JokesOnYou  +   980d ago
Mystic, I love to see polls, in general they are great for getting feedback on CURRENT FEELINGS, but just like we've seen with pre-orders soooo many times it doesn't really translate to what you will see in the months prior or leading up to launch day sales. If one thing is for sure GAMERS are either fickle or very forgiving, that is proven by gaming history, ultimately the voices/agenda of the few will be drowned out by the masses who will pick and choose what they prefer based purely on its value to them. PS3 is where it is today regardless of early bad press/mix messages etc because it had GAMES people want. 360 is where it is today because it has GAMES those owners wanted. NO way those polls will matter launch day when people see the GAMES, now if micro comes out doesn't show games then yeah they WILL have REAL problems then.
MysticStrummer  +   980d ago
I agree that polls don't mean everything, but I've still been surprised at the results. If you go by the polls, it'll be another PS2 vs XBox generation for MS. I personally don't believe that will happen, but I suppose it's possible. As you said, gamers can be fickle. We need to know more about both consoles to make an educated guess.

I also agree that they need to talk about games above all else at E3. I'm just saying they've put themselves in a position where they (almost) have to clarify some of the previous information. It was a running joke before the One reveal that MS would talk mostly about Kinect and then show Call of Duty... and then it actually happened. MS still hasn't recovered from that reveal, and a good portion of the info since then has been of the "WTF???" variety. They can either let that stuff continue to hang out there or they can dispel it... unless of course it's true.

Anyway, thanks for the reasonable response. It's unusual here, from all sides.
papashango  +   980d ago
online polls is nowadays is just a "whats trending" there is no weight to them anymore.
Bryan574  +   980d ago
The Microsoft HAL 9000 plays games?
j-blaze  +   980d ago
that's a good sign, wish them the best of luck
FrightfulActions  +   980d ago
Will it even matter anymore? Are gamers really willing to put up with all the BS just for a few exclusive games?

It was hard saying that with a straight face.

Xbox One lost any support it'd have from me the moment the nightmare of used game blocking and always online suddenly became reality. Remember when that stuff was all rumors and everyone was like "man, NO WAY in hell Microsoft would do something that stupid."

Hell, even Sony fanboys had a hard time believing that Microsoft would try to get away with that. Behold the future where it turns out those rumors were true. Microsoft has some enormous balls, I'll give them that much.

"You'll buy our product and like it because we're Microsoft and you will obey."

Scary thing is that they're very likely going to 'get away' with this and still sell well in the states.

Seriously one moment everyone is up in a fuss about all the used-game blocking, always online and HAL 9000 always watching and about how its more a cable box for tv than a game console. Now suddenly people are like "well, I can overlook all that if the games are good."

Reality is a disturbing place, to be sure.
#11 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Crillvirus81  +   980d ago
That's how I feel no matter what games they show I'm not buying unless they get rid of all the used games and the all ways on stuff I got 3 kids I share games with lol
Temporary  +   980d ago
Xbox fanatics are going to hold on to their xbox beliefs even if they stop selling games altogether. They wont ever admit they were given the shaft by Microsoft 2 gens in a row.

You can keep convincing yourselves it was all worth it, but in the end we all know that Microsoft is one of the most unreliable and corrupt corporations in the history of the world, and the gaming industry isnt going to change that, you're just another demographic they can nickel dime and scam.
#11.2 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   980d ago
People went crazy over the rumors and patent filings from both companies over this over the past year or so. I hate calling out hypocritical posting by commenters as a common consensus, but both sides almost uniformly said how bad and stupid it would be for either company to do it. Both sides gave their competition grief over the idea of it. Now a lot of that has changed for some of the Xbox diehards, and it's really disturbing that they would be so willing to accept this stuff as a norm. What's worse is many are saying(maybe hoping?) it's OK because Sony is going to do it also.

It is still good to see so many people sticking to their guns though. Not everyone is willing to be tricked by a shiny new game. While I can't say definitively what Sony will do right now, there is still choice with them and Nintendo. Overall I haven't seen gamers this united over something in quite a while...if ever.

Otherwise, if people still want to get one with all this stuff attached, that's on them. Unless MS dispels the reports, whether they are false or they changed their mind, the money I have saved up for next gen will go to Nintendo and Sony(presuming they don't bring similar crap).
Veneno  +   980d ago
Yup. I really wanted to cheer Microsoft on in the games department (not TV or Kinect) but if that DRM is still there, then my mind's made up. No buy.
Theyellowflash30  +   980d ago
Too late!

We all know TV is going to be a big focus for MS going forward. You don't spend $400 million on TV deals, and get huge directors to make Halo TV shows if it wasn't!

You can TRY to cover it up all you want MS but seriously, the X-Bone is done in my eyes. Bring all the American trash shooters you want to E3. You guys are done in my book.
MrDead  +   980d ago
From what I've read on a lot of articles and comments on N4G the major concerns that people have with the Xbox isn't with the lack of games shown.
#13 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   980d ago
Maybe MS is hoping most people are like rabid racoons, and will be attracted by the premise of shiny new games.....ohhh look a kitty!
GreenRanger  +   980d ago
So Microsoft talking about games will make all the crap like DRM and always-on Kinect go away? Cool!
Maybe if i talk about games, all my bills and problems will just disappear! /s
Septic  +   980d ago
^^Proof that you can't please everyone
BuryYourHead707  +   980d ago
How is this proof you can't please everyone? Who is pleased by DRM other than the Publishers? Gtfo of here with this nonsense, and while you're at it, take your fanboy goggles off.
FlunkinMonkey  +   980d ago
So true.. This kind of ignorance and acceptance of such greedy tendencies from MS is what will harm all gamers.

You guys are ridiculous.. If sony go down the same root (which im very sure they won't), then they will get treated the same..

Septic  +   980d ago
Fanboy goggles? For how bloody long have people been ranting on about games, games, games with regard to the X1?? That's all we bloody read about on here and when a statement comes out that there's going to be a focus on gaming you lot throw your toys out of the pram and deflect the issue to something else??

DRM is a separate issue. GTFO this article because, if you haven't noticed, this thread is about games. And who says that the issue of DRM won't be dealt with at the show? And who is accepting anything? The issue here is games and you kids keep deflecting the issue to suit your agendas.

Fanboy goggles...yeah right. Its called not being a raging keyboard warrior 24/7 on the internet. Grow up.
#14.1.3 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
CanadianTurtle  +   980d ago
I have a feeling that Microsoft might actually surprise us in a positive way. After all the hate they're getting, everyone has very low expectations.
Crillvirus81  +   980d ago
The only way they can surprise us is by getting rid of the used games and alllways on crap not matter what game they show we not buying it
d0nT wOrrY  +   980d ago
No thanks.
proudly_X  +   980d ago
Microsoft can show 100 games, but if the company insists I have to connect my game to the internet everyday, I will take a walk. When I told my fellow African gamers about the development, it was a scare moment to them. You needed to see the faces..
#17 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
opinska  +   980d ago
Stfu... From what you saying You can't afford an Internet connection either broke boy..
But shit I'm not buying this Xbox shit, because of the DRM and spying bs.
#17.1 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
proudly_X  +   980d ago
You are free to go back to the pit of hell son
user3050031   980d ago | Spam
egidem  +   980d ago
It's good to hear, but I still think they screwed up by bringing out the TV stuff first instead of games. To normal gamers Microsoft has simply given the gaming section (on a game console) less focus, or very little importance. Had they reversed their stances, things would be different and they wouldn't be getting this negative feedback. Also this act of beating around the bush on the used games stance isn't helping either. It's just widening the rift between Ms and the gamers.

At E3, people need to see new stuff such as exclusives, similar to what Sony is offering. Now judging from the past couple of E3s, they have been asleep on this section. No new exclusives to really sell the console. I have a gutsy feeling that they'll shower us with another round of Kinect sports and stuff (I hope I'm wrong!!).

Heck, instead of even showing an upcoming future exclusive at the Xbox one reveal, they opted for Call of Duty...a multi-platform game! For what?? To announce timed exclusivity to DLC that will soon come to other platforms?? This alone speaks a lot about their state of games they have ready for reveal, and something tells me they're going the cheap route again (timed exclusive to DLC and stuff). Meanwhile Sony goes on stage at their PS4 announcement and drop (plus demos of) exclusives that will never reach Xbox one...ever.

My point is this: in 10 days, if Microsoft wants to redeem itself, it has to go big, or go home.
dasbeer88  +   980d ago
Well said!
Volitiel  +   980d ago
Microsoft spoke very little of Kinect beyond the TV voice commands and some specs during the press event a couple weeks ago. Having said that, something tells me Kinect motion capture functionality and Kinect games will be the primary focus of their E3 press conference as its included with every Xbox One. I think at least half of the 15 exclusives promised are Kinect games, and about 6 or 7 games are core and XBLA titles. And most of the 8 exclusives mentioned of those 15 games will be those Kinect games also as Kinect itself is exclusive to the Xbox One, so most of the core/XBLA games shown will be multiplatform. This is what I'm expecting, which is disappointing to say. I hope I'm wrong actually as I absolutely loathe casual/motion control games and strongly favor support for core and indie, controller-based, games. Looking forward to E3 nonetheless.
#20 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
bub16  +   980d ago
why only give us half the information microsoft!

you told us about it and are now withholding details about it
Bluepowerzz   980d ago | Trolling | show
theWB27  +   980d ago
N4G bitches about them not showing any N4G bitches when they say all they're going to show is games. Now all of a sudden it's a bad thing because they won't be showing the other half or clarifying what features they've already announced do. If Microsoft had a 3 hour conference and showed a hour and 30 mins of pure gameplay for 15 no kinect related games and used the other hour n thirty to go over every crevice of the console with a fine toothed comb it still wouldn't be enough.

Then N4G would be littered with articles about Microsoft revealing too much and we won't be surprised by what the console can do. Or articles saying Microsoft messed up by investing so many dollars in kinect and then not making games for them. IS THIS A MISTAKE ON THEIR PART? No matter what they do...people will find a reason to complain about matter what.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   980d ago
I don't know how many times MS mentioned they are showing off games, games, games and new Ips at the conference. And even went and said they want AAAA experiences. I never heard of such a thing before.

@WB your right, If MS shows off too many games this site cry and complain. Too little and it'll be the same trash talking that usually takes place here.

The absolute thing that I don't want MS doing is not utilize all those studios to its full potential. They have 29 in all with 23 being game studios with only 6 of them being casual.

So that's a massive 17 HARDCORE STUDIOS that's more that Sony and Nintendo. And allot of those studios are big so they are split into different sections and divisions.

If MS doesn't utilize all that talent and crazy potential. Then I can simply say bye, bye to MS.

But that's the worst case scenario. MS presser should be very impressive.
#23.1 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   980d ago
No, it's just that it's come to a point where it's about more than the games, so the games aren't even really important to most people compared to all the other stuff. I'm still interested in what games they have to show myself, but no game is worth putting up with the other stuff attached to the console. For the first time in my life, my decision to purchase a console is not based on the games for it, and that's not a good thing when many others feel the same way.
sarshelyam  +   980d ago
I love how their announcement about what they aren't going to be talking about is perceived as a winning gesture. screwed up. Just move on and show us what the system can do and forget the whole TV/Sports/Sports TV/TV/TV/TV/Sports/Call of Duty crap.
etownone  +   980d ago
Xbox ONE day ONE

Cause I can't see myself not playing next gen Halo.
BuryYourHead707  +   980d ago
So you'd give up your rights to play Halo? Goddamnit... I hate living in USA.. Seems like my peers love getting shafted.
joefrost00  +   980d ago
You sony fanboys are somethng else
No of criticized sony in 2005 when they showed nothing but movies
A couple of them the game never looked like the movie

The way I I think its going to be Sony's dependable sequals against a few new IPs from MS
But you sony fans wanted new ips and MS will give you that and y'all will still criticize
Me myself plan on getting both so I really hope they both show a lot to keep me busy

I seem to favor MS cause all I see is a.lot of uninformed kids dumping on them
MS told y'all there would be very little games at the reveal yet
That didnt stop all this BS from coming out of people mouths lol
Gamers are like illiterate children with to much sugar in them system
kenshiro100  +   980d ago
That's funny because back then 360 fans were making fun of the PS3 for having no games.

But what do I know.
joefrost00  +   980d ago
Actually sony didnt really show much as far as games at their reveal
The only only ones that look good were the third party games
I would say.infamous but that was a video
Most of their conference was then putting videos together of a lot of developers saying what they about any new system
Sony just got it easy cause we wanted to hear something about a new system so bad that we looked over Sony's mediocre showing
Then MS made it worst with their showing lol
But MS told y'all what was going to be shown
That's why I thought it was so idiotic when I heard people say I won't ton of games when they said a week earlier they were waiting on E3 for the games
rainslacker  +   980d ago
Sony showed 7 games at their reveal, and announced 2 more for the console.

The Witness:Showed in game environments
Knack: Showed actual game play
Deep Down: Looked to be target render footage
Watch Dogs: Showed a lot of game play
Drive Club: showed what every driving game shows at an announcement
Infamous: SS: showed stylized in game footage
Killzone Shadowfall: Showed in game Footage.

Diablo and Destiny got mentioned/announced.

Not sure what you consider "much" but 9 games covering over half the conference seems like they showed quite a bit compared to MS. If Sony wanted to have all that other stuff you mentioned, then I think they earned that right given that they still showed the games.
Cyfyxtfg  +   980d ago
MYYY NIGGGA!! :))))) thank you for proving the doubters wrong. your still about games baby!! you just do more!!
BuryYourHead707  +   980d ago
Yes Xbone does do more.
1. Pay more for used games. Check
2. Pay more to play online (on top of ISP). Check
3. Access the Internet more often to make sure they can screw you. Check
4. Camera on always so they can watch you through the always online. Check.

Face it. Xbox One is the worst conceived console ever.
It's like they sat down and said "how many ways can we charge them for things they already own? Oh I know, well announce Halo and everyone will buy."

Cyfyxtfg  +   979d ago
your camera comment is wrong. they sad theres an 'Off' mode so even your kinect isnt even on. Also the used game thing hasen't been revealed yet. dont come at me with incomplete theories. only facts. theres a reason xbox live is better than ps online. its cuz we pay and they use that money to upgrade it. sony will be having subscriptions as well for their gaikai service. so shush. so only one thing on your list is valid
BuryYourHead707  +   979d ago
They have straight up said you have to pay a used fee.
They have also said the camera has to be plugged in for the Xbone to work.
How is that different from what my comment said?

Oh and Xbox live being better?
PC and PSN have had dedicated servers for FREE.
Xbox live is just now getting dedicated servers.. (You were paying for Peer2Peer connection).

With that said the only thing Xbox live has over PSN (not PC, PC flat out wins)
Is cross-game chat. Guess what? Vita has it and so will PS4.
So enjoy your $50 a yr subscription for tailored advertisements and cross game chat, while I will enjoy free TeamSpeak (PC), free online, and NO Advertising on my home screen.

Take one step back and just think.
Give me one, just one legitimate reason XBL is better than any service.
cell989  +   980d ago
its so funny, I bet you anything if people had reacted positive about their TV crap, they would still be showing more Timewarner goodies, but because of the sh**storm they created, now they are begging for a little slack by showing "games"
theWB27  +   980d ago
They said from the get go...even before the conference that they would do a console reveal and then E3 would be about games...

Still want to bet??
cell989  +   980d ago
but if people actually showed interest on their "TV" focus, I know theyd use e3 to show even more sports and Kinect Tv browsing, I applaud your good research though
timotim  +   980d ago
People DID show interest in the TV was the gamers who didn't. MS said the whole time that the reveal was going to be about broad entertainment and they would focus on the games at E3...they are sticking with that story.
opinska  +   980d ago
cell989  +   978d ago
we'll see their so called "games" at e3, just like we saw their amazing water cooler announcement. watch how they announce games at e3 and still shove more tv crap down our throats
joefrost00  +   980d ago
Dummy they said a week before the reveal they were showing a small taste of games and with Sony's they weren't even running on the system they were running on PCs with the same specs of the ps4 in them
And y'all say MS is full of it
Wait to after E3 then it will be fair to criticize or give praise if their deserving
But you sony fans
MS can the greatest E3 ever and sony fans will find something to talk bad about
gano  +   980d ago
peeple stupid as hell.
fuc i wanna by your games and i can't resale or let a friend see'em.
and still need to check in every 24hrs.
Who dumb enough to give you money to be on probation.
Majin-vegeta  +   980d ago
Everyone who is saying they are going to buy it -_-.
majedx9  +   980d ago
BuryYourHead707  +   980d ago
I kinda like it though. It seems like each 3rd console curse separates what companies belong and what companies don't.

It's also sort of funny that each curse is cause by arrogance.
Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes, as did Sony (at least it seems), so we as the consumer benefit in the end.

Right now I'm PC + WiiU and with what is so far announced, it might stay that way.
PS4 has a chance, albeit slight, while Xbone has no hope for dipping into my wallet.
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