Digital Playground: Consumers accepting Blu-ray faster than DVD

TGDaily writes: "In the end, it was not the adult film industry that decided the high-definition format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD. However, this segment faces appears to be taking a lead role in the promotion of high definition as DVD sales are down dramatically and customers apparently are shifting to Blu-ray quickly. The new format opens new opportunities for large studios, but will bring massive challenges for smaller companies in the business, Digital Playground co-founder Joone told TG Daily.

Joone is one of the lucky people in the adult film industry these days. Not only does his company currently control about 40% of the adult DVD business, he has also made some good bets on the future of movie technology that may save him from making tough choices in the months and weeks ahead.

It is no secret that the adult segment always explored ways of new content distribution paths ahead of the rest of the movie industry. Porn producers have figured out years ago how to best leverage the Internet as a distribution platform for their content and it appears that the segment is already seeing the next challenges emerging from the defeat of HD DVD – which is quite remarkable, considering the fact that we cannot say that the movie industry in general has come up with a convincing model to market and sell content through the Internet yet."

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Cyrus3653890d ago

That's surprising that Blu-Ray is being accepted faster than DVD's were back in the day.