Ride to Hell: Retribution "Built, Not Bought" Trailer

If you forgot Ride to Hell: Retribution was about bokers, bears and boobs, this trailer offers a fast reminder if you can stomach a healthy amount of cheese.

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Ron661938d ago

Another aliens colonial marines. Lame.

Wargrave1938d ago

I'd say it looks bad, but not that level of "special" bad.

0pie1938d ago

dayum this game look really bad...

FreshRevenge1938d ago

As soon as they showed the girls cleavage, it looked like horny men in their basements designed this game. It's bad. Corny one liners.Stiff looking hair, or a lot of hair spray for men? Sorry but I will pass on this lackluster of a bargain.

ame221938d ago

I can't believe they're selling this at retail.

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