Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4 - Can we predict a winner this early on?

Stuff, "Let's take a look at what we know from the Sony PS4 tease event and the Xbox One reveal. Can we predict a winner this early on?"

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BadboyCivic1996d ago

The better gaming system will win. We all know which ONE will not

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1996d ago

Really? So the Wii was the best gaming system over the PS3 and 360?

Blackdeath_6631996d ago

the better gaming system is a matter of opinion. the problem is how do you determine the winner? by spes? by sales? by number of exclusive titles?by number of features?by the consoles online services?

people who say so and so console is the winner but the winner of what exactly? there is no definitive way to determine the winner that is based on absolute facts; yes you can say that it is a fact that this console has better specs than that one but that doesn't make it a better console the wii did well despite not being the most powerful games console out there. this is one of the many reasons why console wars are silly unless everyone can come to the consensus that productA is better than productB some one will always argue for and against.

miyamoto1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

PS1 x 4 = PS4
PS2 x 2 = PS4
PS3 + 1 = PS4

Improvement is better than winning.

Why o why1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Yes you can predict a winner. Doesn't mean it will come true. Think of it like a football game. You look at the teams, form, who's injured etc. That being said doesn't guarantee the result but there's nothing wrong with predicting a winner between sony and ms based on each companys ethos, last few e3s, current developments etc. No harm in that....its not like anybodies putting money down. Patcher that kn*b gets paid to predict....this here, is just for fun.

Personally I would make my prediction based off the last few e3s.... I don't even need to factor in the so called reveals ...sometimes you can see a trajectory so clearly

rezzah1996d ago

Simply stated, there's a reason why it's called a prediction.

IRON883 1996d ago

Yes PS4 wins because I don't have to pay to play online

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1996d ago


I mean playstation is my main brand. In fact it's my only brand. I've owned every console, and I dont see myself buying an xbox or a wii anytime in the near or distant future but lets get serious.

Yea, making fun of the xbone (snickers) is the popular thing to do right now and Sony is enjoying a wave of well deserved media hype, but if people really think Microsoft are just gonna sit down with their thumbs up their arses they're dilusional.

Come E3 Microsoft will bring the games. They already said that the unveiling was about the console itself and E3 will be about the games. I fully expect them to show off the goods and win the faith of their fanbase back. Some of them anyway.

Meanwhile Sony's having a hard time trying to fit all their announcements in to one presentation.

nukeitall1996d ago

MS already indicated it will be all about games at E3.

"I[major nelson] can confirm that we will have TV's (or similar) on stage to show the games.That should be the extend of TV talk in your #E3"

I'm actually saddened by that, because I wanted to know a little more about their TV aspirations, and how it is really going to work. There is still a lot of detail lacking there.

More information about Kinect would be nice, but I'm assuming there will be games.

So I wish their presentation was longer!

MRMagoo1231996d ago

It doesnt matter how many games MS announce they cant make up for the BS stuff that comes with the console, connecting once every 24 hours if they dont scrap that they will lose a lot of sales, and if they do charge a fee for second hand games they will lose a lot for sales for that too. There is no road back unless they remove these negetives and even then the focus on TV and the lower specs of the console makes ps4 winner by default.

brave27heart1996d ago

No we cant. Its not going to stop us trying though.

Septic1996d ago

How can we when we haven't even seen the games?

We can only make an assessment on which one stands a better chance of 'winning'. Also, how do we define winning? Sales? The games? Popularity?

Its simply too early. The next generation hasn't even started yet.

MikeMyers1996d ago

We can't pick a winner because we don't know how receptive the market will be to either one or how the market has changed over the years. The Wii U failed to meet expectations, so did the Playstation Vita. So how can anyone predict the success of the PS4 or Xbox One?

Will the recession play a role and what price will these systems be? Are people looking for a pure gaming device or a more entertainment box? Will people actually care at the end of the day over some of the controversial things Microsoft is apparently doing? What exclusives will each offer? What will be the real line-up of games? Will Kinect 2 play a role and will Sony utilize it's new camera more than they did in the past with the Eye? Which will 3rd party publishers support more? Who will have the better online experience and will cloud gaming have an impact?

There are many questions still left unanswered but it won't stop some from picking a winner. I imagine some actually picked a winner many months ago.

Hicken1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

We can pick a winner with NO information at all. Doesn't mean we'll be right. On the other hand, that doesn't mean we'll be wrong, either.

And it's not like we're flying completely blind, here. We do know specs, each company's past policies, their current actions, and what their near future focuses will be. And some of us can make informed guesses about the price, the market reception at launch, and so on.

There is no exact science to speculating, guessing, predicting, or anything else you wanna call it. So people can base their choice off whatever they want.

Does not knowing what will happen to a team in the future stop anyone in Las Vegas from predicting who'll win the Super Bowl?

Edit: Unless by "pick," you mean "know," then you are wrong. We cannot KNOW who will win. But we still don't KNOW whether or not the PS3 will overtake the Wii. That level of certainty doesn't exist in any sort of market.

But we CAN PICK who we think will win, and we have enough information available so that doing so wouldn't just be a wild shot in the dark.

So either you didn't say what you meant(knowing instead of picking), or you're just flat-out wrong.

MikeMyers1996d ago

I said you can't pick a winner this early, you are suggesting we can try and pick a winner. Big difference.

Why o why1996d ago

......there was me thinking the point of the article was about predicting a winner. . . oh well back to comprehensive school for eyeski

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