First cast information revealed for Steins; Gate stage show

Three people have been cast in the upcoming Steins; Gate stage show. Model Yumi Sugimoto (pictured) will play Moeka Kiryū, actress Minami Tsukui will play Suzuha Amane, and actor Daisuke Watanabe will play Rintarō Okabe.

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sjaakiejj1994d ago

Euhm.. Why did this get approved?

Hicken1994d ago

Because it's based on a video game. Steins;Gate is part of (currently) a "trilogy" of games that include Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes.

Sadly, all are on 360, with Steins;Gate recently getting to PS3. More sadly, none of them made their way west.

Steins;Gate, in particular, is very good(as an anime; I haven't had the pelasure of playing any of te games). If this makes its way to video, and winds up subbed and available for viewing here, I'd definitely want to watch it.

Long story short: stage adaptation of popular Japanese video game with popular anime gets cast members announced.

That's why it got approved.

zeroskie1994d ago

whaat? Steins;Gate is a game? I really can't believe it because the anime was so exceptional. Wow, great example of an adaptation gone right.