Eye Of EA On GTAForums

WhatIfGaming writes:

"As if you thought EA wouldn't strike again, it hits you right when you don't expect it. The buzz is that the largest GTA fan forum central was bought by EA on 3/22/08 for approximately $3.4 million dollars. Whether or not it is true, one thing is for sure. EA was definitely interested."

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ngg123453917d ago

EA is a bunch of idiots.

Time Lord3916d ago

this cant be right can it?

MURKERR3916d ago

after reading the list of companies they've decayed how many more companies and franchises are their greedy corporation going to ruin?

ngg123453917d ago

And cash in 3.4 million dollars.

name3916d ago

Wow this is almost as bad as paying 50 million dollars for downloadable content.

sabbath4203916d ago

Why say such lame things? More like lets pay $50 mil. to give our customers something they will like, and try to increase sales at the same time. To the point, ea sucks balls and will stop at nothing to smash all competition. No more will I even buy the games they make used, let alone new.

SUP3R3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

What the hell is wrong with EA??
They're acting ridiculously desperate for Take-Two.
I can't believe they paid all that money for a forum?
How much more do they want us to hate them!!!????

tweaker3916d ago

Check the site. They have the EA logo now.

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The story is too old to be commented.