Talking Point: The Wii U Controller Options Open Up PC Game Opportunities

Nintendo Life: While the Wii U was the first to kick off what will soon be considered the current generation of game consoles, we were left wondering what innovations Sony and Microsoft would be bringing to the table. With the Wii U we've had a major processor power upgrade over the Wii, which was expected, but the control innovation came primarily through the GamePad, and also the continuing support for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. If you have your old Wii controllers and the new system, you've got diverse control options that, when used creatively, offer experiences beyond what was possible before. Now we have motion controls combined with a second-screen dynamic, all conveniently in one box.

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roykoopa641996d ago

Great article. Nintendo really is in a unique position with their Wii U control setup. I would love to see something like the Total War series on Nintendo's system as it could work very well.

PigPen1996d ago

That is a goog article.

PhantomT14121996d ago

I'm not sure for a Total War though, the controls weren't the only reasons it wasn't ported to consoles, the number of things it has to display during RTS gameplay might have also been a big factor and I doubt the WiiU is more capable than the current gen consoles to render that amount of things and as detailed as on PC. Plus, loading times on non-SSD HDD are a hell of a lot, it would be even worse with optical discs...

But yeah, I agree we could see some PC games that were judged too complicated to be ported to consoles from an usability perspective only. The gamepad's tactical screen could work like Razer's Switchblade:

3-4-51995d ago

OMG Rome Total War 2 on Wii U would be beyond epic.

PopRocks3591996d ago

Actually if there's one PC game I'd like to see on the system, it would probably be Starcraft II.

yeahokchief1996d ago

DotA 2 on Wii U would be sick

cunnilumpkin1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

honestly, the ps4 and xbox1 couldn't handle shogun 2 maxed out, let alone the wii u, sure, with drastically reduced troop numbers and visual detail maybe, and definitely not rome 2 which is set to yet again raise the bar for pc strategy games

these games are built specifically for very high end pc's, yes, they could technically "run" on ps4/xbox1, but it would be like running it on a gaming laptop

resolution, AA and all effects would have to be drastically reduced along with draw distance etc.

now, allowing the wii u controller to be used as a pc peripheral would be awesome!!!

Agent_hitman1995d ago

I want that tablet controller to e used as a PC peripheral.