Microsoft secretly registers Halo Spartan Assault domains like

There is a lot of buzz about Halo with E3 less than two weeks away. Microsoft is expected to reveal Halo 5 but is not expected to share anything more about Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Halo TV series, of which little is known about. It does appear however the company is up to something related to Halo ahead of E3 that is called Halo: Spartan Assault, according to several domain names Microsoft privately registered through the brand protection company MarkMonitor. Among the latest names Microsoft registered in late May, are, and

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ltachiUchiha1870d ago

I thought they said, "No Talking About TV At E3?" Lol

GameCents1870d ago

Registering domains means they wanna talk about it at e3? Please explain this logic to me.

ltachiUchiha1870d ago

Well its like their teasing us to get ready for a halo type announcement at e3. If its not the game then its about the tv series that their going to make which is talking about tv lol. Catch my drift mate? Cheers.

GameCents1870d ago

So they are teasing it by registering the secret? You want them to wait until after E3 to register domains for their TV series? Wait until someone else registers it and then have to pay that person to have it?
By not announcing the registration of a domain they are telling us that they plan on talking about tv at e3? Is that the gist of your logic here?
The stupid lengths people go to to troll is dumbfounding.

Perjoss1870d ago

It might be a game based on the TV series.

iNcRiMiNaTi1870d ago

They could've meant that their conference isn't about TV but E3 isn't on just a single day. They can talk about their other plans at smaller venues and to those interested.

KonohagakureFC1870d ago

Well a new Halo game at E3 wouldn't exactly be surprising

tuglu_pati1870d ago

that's correct and i hope not to see one this year. It needs to rest for a bit and this is coming from one of the biggest Halo Fans

LAWSON721870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Maybe you, I want a Halo 2 anniversary because Halo 4 needs all the help it can get.

HALOisKING1870d ago

i want to see halo 2 at e3 for xbo or a new halo title

Cam9771870d ago

Same old same old MS.
They've been relying on this franchise too long, how many are there, 8? Why don't MS bring new franchises onto the table?!

Gridloc1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Bungie had enough and moved on. So MS had to find a studio that couldn't come up with their own ideas to keep Halo alive. Not the first time MS used different developers on their same old stable of games.

tuglu_pati1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

How do you feel about GOW, FF, GT Series?

kingmushroom1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

@tuglu_pati ....and Uncharted and Resitace and killzone.

I feel they have a better story graphics and Game mechanics than anything found in the entire halo series.

just saying.

LAWSON721870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

A studio that could not come up with their own ideas, the studio was made by MS with the focus on Halo. Why the hell do you think their name has 343 in it? Thats right you probably dont know.
go home your drunk

tuglu_pati1870d ago

@ kingmushroom

I give you Uncharted which i enjoyed a lot. But Killzone and Resistance, meh.

just saying.

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Perjoss1870d ago

Its all about supply and demand, people demand Halo, the sales figures (and review scores) always reflect that, so Microsft supply us with it. If you dont like Halo, well then that's just too bad, there are plenty of other great franchises out there for you.

BattleReach1870d ago

I bet this is something for the 360. They said they would make a big announcement for the 360, right?

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