Places: Dark Souls' Blighttown

Game Informer - When people bail on Dark Souls and its enthralling world, Lordran, they’re typically in one of two places: Anor Londo, the city of gods; or Blighttown, a deep, hostile cavern. The latter is commonly strung up on forums and message boards as a sacrificial lamb for all to point at and punish. The frustrated lambast its narrow walkways, powerful enemies, and stingy bonfire placement, which essentially serve as the game’s checkpoints. When you finally reach the bottom – and I assure you, there is one – you’re met with endlessly respawning enemies and filthy muck that clings to your heels, slowing your movement and poisoning you in the process. You’re not playing by the rules anymore, Dark Souls. I’m out.

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Canary1970d ago

****ing HATE Blighttown. Every single thing about it is annoying. The enemies, the level design, the poison, the mud, the framerate dips.

Kos-Mos1970d ago

Everything is good except the framerate.