Tales of Symphonia HD Unisonant Pack Officially Announced at Tales of Festival

Tales of Symphonia HD has just been confirmed at this year's Tales of Festival!


Localization has been confirmed as "Tales of Symphonia Chronicles" (working title) for US and Europe!

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Nate-Dog2026d ago

Really can't wait for this. Tales of Xillia in the summer then this just a few months later.

Yi-Long2026d ago

... to play the game with the original voices.

Although I doubt it will.

jdklaffke2024d ago

Original JP voice-acting?

LaZyEnErGeTiC2026d ago

I hope their "early" is like, January or something.

Lucreto2026d ago

PS3 games going into 2014. Glad Sony are still pushing PS3.

TroyTheBaker2025d ago

Oh wow, confirmed for US? Awesome!