With the upcoming console generation, will Sony move to charge for online play?

It’s been twelve years since Microsoft hit the hardware scene, and with it they brought their subscription service Xbox Live. When the original Xbox launched, there wasn’t much competition for Live in the console space, leaving Microsoft with a clear advantage over Sony and Nintendo. When the next generation of consoles launch in the fall, Microsoft will no longer have that headstart over their competitors, but that leaves a dire question—will Sony leave the money on the table and maintain their advantage of free online play or will they start charging a monthly subscription fee with a more robust Playstation Network that is now able to compete toe-to-toe with Live?

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Bitsnark1962d ago

It honestly wouldn't surprise me to see them moving to a multi-tiered model.

If they can keep up the incredible momentum they have sustained with PS Plus, I can't see any reason to complain either!

MasterofMagnetism1962d ago

A multi-tiered model for playstation plus wouldn't be a bad idea. As long as they keep basic online free than I'm happy.

Gamer19821962d ago

Agreed I wouldn't mind paying extra to include PS4 games in my PS+ or a PS4 and vita only model or something..

b_one1962d ago

it could include online to ps+ no problem for me.

Supermax1962d ago

Multiplayer would need to be part of ps+ allowing Sony to put more resources into severs making a more stable multiplayer experience.

godslayer4291962d ago

nope, free to play online

Jaqen_Hghar1962d ago

and PS+ covers Gaikai, spectating, and game take over. A man thinks it will stay $50 as well.

Jaqen_Hghar1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

A man thinks it will stay the same as now for Sony. A man is subscribed on PS+ till late 2014 so what is Sony going to do say that is null and void? They wouldn't have let a man sub until then if they were planning on changing it. A man thinks Gaikai, all the current plus features other than background downloading, and the spectating even will be on PS+ for the same $50 a year or maybe they'll make the price go up to $60 after your current subscriptions run out. A man thinks the share button functionality will be free because it's on the controller and would be weird to have there and not have users be able to use it. A man thinks basic online play, background downloading, sharing, and cross game chat will be free. They won't cost any more than current gen and it's a big selling point for Sony to get more hardware and software out there. Also if they actually advertise PS+ or bundle 3 months of it with every PS4 people WILL subscribe (after the free months I mean). It's the best way to spend $50 in gaming today.

MasterofMagnetism1962d ago

Well said. A man is right about everything. +1 bubble

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