Batman Arkham Origins - The Packshot

Is this the final Packshot for Batman Arkham Origins?

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toxic-inferno1996d ago

The logo looks quite small... If it were me, I'd scale Batman down a bit, and make the logo stand out more. But it's starting to grow on me.

nikrel1996d ago

I hate how they mess up amazing covers with preorder or exclusive bs. Save it for the back of the cover.

toxic-inferno1996d ago

I get what you mean, but at the end of the day, the primary function of the cover is to advertise and sell the game.

Unztayble1996d ago

this was already on Amazon excluding the Deathstroke dlc logo. Not anything new.

RedDeadLB1995d ago

They should do more with the background, the dull gray is.. dull. Batman looks fantastic but the sticker about Deathstroke really doesn't fit. Otherwise, I'm happy.

ironfist921995d ago

I missed the comic book styling of Arkham Asylum. This minimalist bullcrap is artistic, but its a comic book game for chrissake.