What Do Developers Think of Xbox One?

IGN - What do the people making games think about Xbox One? We asked, they answered, and it's not all loving.

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ltachiUchiha1604d ago

Their thinking wtf? If they want to get money off used games we better get sum of it too but will ppl buy it is the key word. Im confused with this approach Microsoft is taking. Hope they get it right because the ps4 & wii u & pc look like their ready to go. Thats what their thinking.

-Mezzo-1604d ago

My impressions after the Reveal Event for Xbox One.

ltachiUchiha1604d ago

Havent seen u comment for a while lol. Good to see u back & I feel the same mate.

BadboyCivic1604d ago

Do you think Activision cares?

All they care about is numbers

pompombrum1604d ago

Seems pointless when half of the thoughts are standard PR garb. Still it's nice to see a few developers show some balls and actually tell their thoughts.

Godmars2901604d ago

Developers, not publishers.

Can't really think that many are honestly positive when they're going to be made to work with Kinect 2.0 when the first version failed to prove itself.

RIP_Cell1604d ago

they like getting a cut

Bluepowerzz1604d ago Show
True_Samurai1604d ago

I only read 2 talking bad. The others were pretty positive

Bimkoblerutso1604d ago

In all fairness, that's because most of those devs already have their fingers in the pie.

ThatCanadianGuy5141604d ago

Kudos to Overkill studios for being the only ones of that bunch to be honest.The others sounded like a typical PR cue card read.

(Looking at you UBI)

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The story is too old to be commented.