Major Nelson confirmed Microsoft E3 conference to be focused on Games

I can confirm that we will have TV's (or similar) on stage to show the games.That should be the extend of TV talk in your E3.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1696d ago

Well of coarse it will you done screwed up the reveal so you have to do something right? :)

YodaCracker1696d ago

Except they said all along that the reveal would be focused on the hardware and the new features, while their E3 conference would be focused on games.

sengoku1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

HAHAAA, it blew up in there faces..

now they wont even talk about what the whole console is designed around LOL..

all xbox one tv related decisions/features

1. the HDMI in.
2. 3 layers of OS because of instant TV switching.
which eat a whopping 3gb of memory.
3. the choice for ddr3 is because 3gb OS
4. the slower GPU because of need to include the 32mb sram, to help boost dd3 speeds to better match gddr5 levels.
5. 400 million $ deal with NFL for dream league bs.
6. the whole introduction (reveal) of the xbone when to sh*t because of TV.
7. Halo TV series made by Spielberg $$
8. xbox name becasue it would be the ultimate all in ONE system for all your needs which we all agree is a very sh*ty name for a game console.

those are big investment they made and now only 1 week after they introduced it they are running so hard from it they wised it didn't even exist and wont talk about it at all.


Mind you i do think M$ will have a much better show at e3 then the reveal
and i do think they have some killer games to show us.
PS3 would not have been the great system it is now without the x360 kicking @ss.

CRAIG6671696d ago

Exactly, well said Yoda, I am getting slightly irritated with the fanboy-ish attitudes of some of the N4G user's.

At the end of the day I assume everyone here is a gamer,every gen each company has had its own set of good points and bad points, people on here are acting like the PS4 is the 2nd coming of Christ or something, I assure you it's not,people need to keep in mind that without the 360 the PS4 would have been a far less outstanding product, it's the competition that keeps innovation moving forward. xgame chat anyone?

MysticStrummer1696d ago

True Yoda, but because of all the info that's come out and their confusing response to some of the more negative rumors, they need to spend some time clarifying a few things if they want to recover from what's happened between the reveal and now.

kreate1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )


'people on here are acting like the PS4 is the 2nd coming of Christ or something, I assure you it's not'

actually ps4 does sound like the 2nd coming of Christ. a savior to save all the gamers out there.

and how can u assure me that this isn't the case?

cuz I guess I can assure u that Microsoft is all about control and profits /s

EDIT: the reason, if any, why Microsoft would try to keep E3 all about games is BECUASE of the burst of outcry from gamers around the world.

u need to thank ppl who are openly complaining about Microsoft. or the xbone is just a cable box with a spy camera.

MikeMyers1696d ago

Let's just see how much they talk about non-gaming stuff at E3. If Microsoft spends too much time on Call of Duty Ghosts that is proof Activision and MS have an agreement that goes beyond DLC. If they close or open the show with that it means MS has learned nothing and are not interested in taking a leadership role in investing in their own ip's.

So as gamers let's just see how much of the discussion will actually be post-E3 about the games they showed on N4G and not other things. People wanted to see games, let's talk about the games.

Sitdown1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

The 2nd coming of Christ is not about him coming to save.....salvation is currently taking place. His return is to come and retrieve those who already accepted him.....but I digress. Gamers need to realize that these companies only care about them to the degree that it increases their bank account....if not, they would be a charity or not/non profit agency.

Ohh, and pretty sure Microsoft said E3 was going to be about games before the public outcry. I have no problem with fans bashing Microsoft, just think it's crazy that fans go so hard for their preferred console without all the facts, and as if it's perfect.

kreate1696d ago

Microsoft saids every e3 is about games.

Jesus came to save all humanity, not just the special ones. Cuz we are created equal and in his image.
But this is another debate.

Sitdown1696d ago

That is why He originally came......not the 2nd coming, as what was being discussed.

Every E3 has been about games, just not necessarily games the "hardcore" are interested in. Not sure if Major Nelson usually has 3 days of an hour show.....but this could be telling of it being a lot of content.

twinspectre1695d ago

oh yeah so at E3 Kinect Games :)

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Narutone661696d ago

Hopefully for the gamers, it's more core games and less of the Kinect and casual games.

PSone1696d ago

[email protected]
Xbox One name not good for game console name? Buhahahaha
maybe u forger this

garos821696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

That was the ps one, you know the first generation of Sony gaming this Microsoft's first gamer hardware released or have they forgotten to count.

You really are one deluded dude

MysticStrummer1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

@PSone - It wasn't called PS1 for a long time. Originally it was simply the Sony Playstation.

B-radical1696d ago

They actually even announced at the start of there reveal that e3 will be games games and games

mattmatt_1696d ago

Microsoft's E3 will be all about games. They will be live streaming the Sony conference from an Xbox One.

GameCents1696d ago

Xbox One can stream future events live? Then I want One.

mattmatt_1696d ago

They're using cloud technology. It does everything.

fsfsxii1696d ago

Just get the draconian restrictions and the kinect out of the way and i might get an Xbox

d0nT wOrrY1696d ago

I lol'd at your avatar :D

GameCents1696d ago

My my, who learned a new word?

liquidhalos1696d ago

im assuming you did as draconian has been around for quite some time both in popular entertainment and nerdfest kak

GameCents1696d ago

Waits for obligatory Kinect games questions from those insecure about their choice of future purchase.

Ron_Danger1696d ago

Yeah, but how many of them will be Kinnect games??

Thanks for opening the flood gates!!

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