The Vita has a new contender with Killzone: Mercenary | Digital Trends

Digital Trends: "The PlayStation Vita needs more games like Guerrilla Cambridge’s Killzone: Mercenary. At least it does if it hopes to survive."

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sherimae24131962d ago

this game surely is astounding, gorgeous and has long campaign
my vita needs this kind of games ^_^

jp_footy21962d ago

Soon we will be playing Killzone: Shadow Fall & KZ : Mercenary on the Vita, that's pretty cool.

chestnut11221962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

lol At the Butthurt People who are disliking Your comments. Obviously Butthurt -_-


Genuine-User1962d ago

Who are these morons that disagree with everything Sony. Buthurt fanboys.

XXXL1962d ago

The same idiots who enjoyed a Star Wars dance game and can't wait for Kinect 2.0. Maybe they'll turn Lord of the Rings into a cooking momma type game

BuffMordecai1962d ago

The first great fps for the system. Hopefully after this game, other developers follow suit and have a similar control scheme for their shooters, Nihilistic's controls were so painfully bad.

o-Sunny-o1962d ago

Hoping this game knocks other devs on their butts. They will learn from KilleZone Merc how to make a 1st person shooter! Sorry i'm excited!!! ^~^