What we want from Mirror's Edge 2

PC Gamer: "Mirror's Edge was beautiful - a fluid freerunning game set in a gleaming city, with smartly designed platforming and the loveliest office furniture in videogames.

It was also flawed in interesting ways. How might you fix the sluggishness of its combat? How might you avoid the frustration of losing momentum, or improve the pacing of the game without alienating one group of fans or another? How might you develop its story?

Naturally, we have some ideas."

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Canary1970d ago

That would be really cool.

I'd also add to that: no forced combat segments. Mirror's Edge was a fantastic parkour-style platformer, but the combat was terrible.

And... maybe an optional third-person view? Or at the very least, user-adjustable FOV settings.

OccludedGamer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

If music like this is replaced by over the top stuff it's going to ruin the entire feel.

The setting and music worked together to create a magical atmosphere, and if this gets EA'd out of the game I'm gonna build a ME logo-shaped ninja death star just for Riccitiello

Psychotica1970d ago

I want to be able to keep the gun, throwing it away every time is unrealistic..

nick3091970d ago

I want to be able to throw the gun on the guards face while running xD

brave27heart1970d ago

I just want it to officially exist.

Shadonic1970d ago

I would like a multiplayer mode. In my vision players would have the ability to make there own Runner gangs/groups and they would fight against one another or something there would have to be a a shooting/fighting mechanic that's a mix of midevil chivalry with a first person shooter/fighter vibe. There would also be a return of the time trials with the inclusion of player created tracks and multiplayer racing and objectives, possibly even a new turn on football or soccer like that free running soccer vid on youtube.

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The story is too old to be commented.