Is Killzone Mercenary the Portable Shooter We Deserve? | IGN

IGN: "Handheld sequel making a valiant effort to create the definitive FPS on the go."

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ltachiUchiha2025d ago

This looks so good for a vita game.

millgate12025d ago

It's not shooter we deserve...but the shooter we need right now..

Kingthrash3602025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

see this is why ign is a terrible gaming media site.....soooooooooooooooooooo ooooo many articles and shit talking about the "vita need a great fps" and now that its been delivered you gripe about it because you feel like a fps should be on a console....crying about how it made you fingers ache n shit....omg man but MC 5 gets a pass though its controls have no buttons...smmfh at this one.....

to save you time article says:

best looking fps on handheld ever
best sounding fps on handheld ever
freedom to play in different styles (gives more xp for stealth or style kills)
xp is shared between single and multiplayer
then this dick crys about finger cramps and trys to explain why we should want a fps on consoles and not handhelds
the rest gets kinda fuzzy due to the anger this article generated..ok I went back and he also complained that the levels were too but whatever this is proof that ign hates the powerhouse that is the vita...cod levels too kz levels too long seem the vita can never get it right for ign....they are so sold out Nintendo had to pay them a great amount of cash to have them troll the vita this way....rant almost done.

man ign hates the vita...this game delivered what they asked and they still complain..... wtf I still cant believe it its just frustrating...smh fuck ign

go vita!

dedicatedtogamers2025d ago

This is similar to how Assassin's Creed Liberation won (if I'm not mistaken) Best E3 Handheld Game 2012 from them and then they turn around and give it a 7.2/10. Prior to their review they said many of the same things:
- best-looking handheld game
- most interactive open-world game on a handheld
- great gameplay
- awesome soundtrack
- "AC on the go! What could go wrong?"

They treated Uncharted: GA similarly, though not as harshly. They were like "yeah, it's a totally awesome game with fantastic graphics that rival the console version, but...wouldn't you rather play this on console? 8.5/10"

abzdine2025d ago

Vita doesn't need THE fps, it needs good games and Killzone: Mercenaries seems like one of these!
Bring it on Guerrilla!

gijsbrecht2025d ago

I had to chuckle when reading that a single chapter is almost an hour and that it seemed to be too long for a handheld. I was actually relieved to read that. A lengthy game is always wellcome in my book. Can't wait to see some more during E3; hopefully some mp.

plmkoh2025d ago

Why does the time it takes for chapter even matter. We live in a generation where you have auto-saving checkpoints at almost every turn and on top of that you can put the Vita in sleep mode.

Which is why the idea that a portable game should be quick/simply pick up 'n go makes no sense, sense every game can played like that.

gijsbrecht2025d ago

I couldn't agree more. The Vita's sleep mode is very usefull in my Persona 3 & 4 playthroughs.

Qrphe2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

It's the shooter we need, we deserve and we've yearned for for so long.

jamz42025d ago

that stab in the nuts in the video was harsh, very harsh

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