Night of the Rabbit Review (TechZwn)

Deadalic Entertainment, the creators of such critically acclaimed games as, “Edna and Harvey:Harvey’s New Eyes” and the “Deponia” Trilogy hail from Germany, and judging by their website they intend to stick around for a long time, making games for both the PC and mobile frontiers. Their latest title,” Night of the Rabbit” still bolsters this impression. The game is a fully picturesque, interactive pop-up book that rushes with imagination and cheery lush environments that is inviting to the eyes.

Jerry Hazelnut has only two days left in his summer vacation. He lives in a humble house by the side of the forest with his mother. He is a scrappy yet kind heart-ed boy who one day aspires to become a magician. Players will lead Jerry through his private backyard of animal statues and guppy-ponds until he sees a magical letter delivered to his mailbox, that sends him on is way to meet the Marius de Hoto, a mysterious rabbit that hails from a prestigious line of fabled guardians of anothe...

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