The Joy and Wonder of the Second Dimension

here’s something enchanting about the second dimension. The first dimension is all mere lines, and the third is the realm we live in, but the second dimension is a strange facsimile of our own: unwaveringly flat but limitlessly representative of the third dimension. It also makes for a great platformer.

There’s something to be said for good 2D level design, holding a flat plane against the player yet leading them to imagine a sense of depth. It takes a particular level of thoughtfulness to create a setting where not everybody can double-jump, so I often find myself looking for staircases and ladders, in my scrutiny of their universe’s realism. I have come to the conclusion that Dracula’s castle houses no (live) human legs, and that Shadow Complex is the most realistic platformer of all time; places such as the Green Hill Zone are harder to rationalize.

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