These Are Four Must Buy Games in June 2013

June 2013 is going to be one of the big month for video-game industry as numerous high profile multi-platform and exclusive games are coming for numerous gaming systems. Here is the list of Must Buy Games in June 2013. All you superheroes video-game fans out there, something special is there for you in June 2013.

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Rex_Aeternae1999d ago

Well, I'll at least try the other three (although Project X Zone does look interesting). But I know for sure that I'm getting The Last of Us.

dedicatedtogamers1999d ago

Project X Zone will be getting a demo on the eShop next week, just so that you (and others) know in case you want to try before you buy.

3-4-51998d ago

pxzone looks ok at best.

Rex_Aeternae1998d ago

And that is exactly why I will play the demo before I do anything with it. I usually don't like crossovers like that but I do indeed enjoy strategy games with a turn based style.

-MD-1999d ago

Remember Me and TLOU look awesome, I won't be able to buy either though since all my spare dough went to a 3DS.

Plan is to wait for Remember Me to drop down to like $15 on Steam and (hopefully) snag a Red Box copy of TLOU. Great month for games.

Mr-SellJack1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

4 or 2?TLOU and Project X zone are the only must buy games out of those 4 and what about ride to hell even though it's not a must buy it's certainly much better than the F2P wolverines u listed

microgenius1999d ago

cant wait for the last of us

PurpHerbison1998d ago

You usually lose just by reading, "Free To Play MMO".