As Real As It Gets: here’s an exoskeleton suit for your gaming needs

PC Gamer: The Oculus Rift may give us heart-stopping renders of truly believable environments, but aren’t our other senses being underserved by the expensive peripherals industry? As Real As It Gets thinks so: their gently undulating bodysuit aims to let gamers feel the rumble of a passing vehicle, or the pummel of an assault rifle’s bullet-spray into one’s chest.

ARAIG have just started a Kickstarter campaign for the sense-replicating suit, and they’re hoping to raise some $900,000 to put it into mass production. Of course, there’s no way to tell how well this will work without strapping on a suit ourselves, so let’s hope that is at least a little more subtle than the unpleasant vibrations on some handheld controllers. Hey—even if this doesn’t quite put you in the gaming zone, at least the guy looks like a badass with his exoskeleton on, right?

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XB1_PS42025d ago

Ehh, Can live without it.

dcbronco2024d ago

If they couldn't sell this to gamers maybe the military would use this for their simulators.

PRHB HYBRiiD2024d ago

Looks cool but i bet is going to cost $1000+
Would be awesome to combine this with Oculus rift...u will looks ridiculous but it will be fun.

XB1_PS42024d ago

The kickstarter has it listed, the $299 tier includes one. So $300 or so for it.

PRHB HYBRiiD2024d ago

Really? that's a pretty decent price then.

hazelamy2024d ago

but will they be making a version tailored for the female form?