Cracking Kinect: the Xbox One's new sensor could be a hardware hacker's dream

Will a higher-resolution camera lead to more inventive DIY creations?

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PSVita2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

No no no! Stop it now. Please none of this talk again......I won't go back..I WON'T!! Jk :) but in seriousness we heard all this before and nothing ever happened. Yes it can track finger awesome but outside of some nerds sci-fi dream being realized for about ten minutes(no offense), there's no point of this. Same with illumiroom, the move and gaming googles. It's like the modern day POWER GLOVE.

Shadonic2025d ago

I would not underestimate the hacking and modding community especially after seeing them pull off things that people were saying the first kinect couldn't possibly do faster than a billion dollar company. Example being the Bulletstorm and that small Gundam kinect demo. They were both very low quality but they were both more than what you would expect from 1 dude whose just screwing around with it. Then again im very optimistic when it comes to technology.

Blackdeath_6632025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

i think hackers will find more use for this device. i wonder though, i thought MS said it could be used with pc aswell how much freedom would they allow the consumer to have if it works with pc. if microsoft is smart they would allow hackers and devs to do whatever they like with kinect on pc in the hope that someone will come up with something amazing and they can benefit from that rather than not allowing devs to do anything with it then some hacker takes all the credit for himself.
kinect is a nice piece of tech but has no application in gaming

ABizzel12025d ago

MS opened the Xbox One up to this.

Although the good is we can finally see the @$$ clowns spamming hate messages, racial slurs, and flat out cowards for what they really are, and hopefully find them and....... alert the authorities. If only you could find them yourself Always online and Always listening Kinect wouldn't be as bad as it seems.

ThatCanadianGuy5142025d ago

Any camera connected to the internet has always made me feel a bit uneasy.Till this day i always have a piece of duct tape covering my laptops cam lol.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least to start hearing of kinect cam hacks in the months after release.

GreenRanger2025d ago

Hackers and Microsoft could be watching and/or listening to you while you are in the same room as your Kinect.

You'll have to find another room to carry out your sick fetish.

You know, the fetish that most people have where they strip naked, cover themselves in chocolate, put on pink socks and gloves, and do handstands on the coffee table.


GreenRanger2025d ago

Sorry, can't hear you! I've got chocolate in my ears!

Tony-Red-Grave2025d ago

i said it once and i'll say it again. The more people watch me do a naked cartwheel the better lmao

stage882025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Did kinect 1.0 do anything good with mods?

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Godmars2902025d ago

And yet to hack Kinect on the Xb1, you have to hack the Xb1. And the Xb1 will be banned.

Bigpappy2025d ago

The hacking will be done on PC. Why would they want to hack it on XB1 when they have many more resources on PC?

Hacking XB1 will be separate and unrelated.

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