Xbox One: Why did Microsoft abandon gamers?

MMGN: At the Xbox One reveal last week, we all saw a huge array of features which were cool and everything, but were mostly involved with how the unit will integrate into our living rooms.

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Godmars2901996d ago

Wait till E3 before saying that.

It wont be the holy salvation which many of the MS faithful are expecting, but there will most certainly be games.

PopRocks3591996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I don't need games to know about their block on used games, mandatory online logins and mandatory Kinect for this system. No game will sell me on this system; not even the likes of Mario or Zelda could sell me on a system like that, not unless Microsoft removes these restrictions.

EDIT: Point being a lack of games was not Microsoft's way of abandoning gamers, being an anti-consumer and all around greedy entity was their way.

cyguration1996d ago


I don't even care about Halo 5 or whatever.

I'll probably get a PS4/Wii U combo because I don't need Microsoft knowing how often I pick my nose and what I do with my hands and feet while I'm playing a game. If I wanted a camera in my face and a microphone on my butt I would make YouTube videos.

amiga-man1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Well said PopRocks, anyone supporting this sort of anti consumer crap is doing gaming no favours, it is about far more than just games anyone who says otherwise should wake up before this DRM, etc nightmare becomes real.

Don't support it people for the good of gaming no matter what console it's on.

jsslifelike1996d ago

2013: the year gamers were no longer good enough.

Mr_Nuts1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I still dont get this "wait for E3" crap

They could announce the best exclusives for the Xbox One and I still wouldnt buy one, I will not become part of ruining the gaming industry with all the horrible, nasty anti consumer things ME is doing, it sends the wrong message out. With the PS4 I will do the same to the publishers who do use always online in their game, I wont buy them its as simple as that.

We can win this, we just need to stick together and like the sim city fiasco theyll learn from their mistakes, which is why in Sims 4 they arnt making the same mistake again of pushing it in their game.

T21996d ago

Ya right now its about bad policies not about games, they havent even left the start line yet , they put it in full reverse

B-radical1996d ago

Yeah for me if they dont bring the goods at e3 and clear everything up then its pc only for me

S2Killinit1996d ago

There will definitely be games but that wont say anything about the company's long term plans. Microsoft has proved by their past record that they are not interested in gaming because of gaming. Being the large company that they are, they want something more to show for their efforts. That is why they keep trying to find new ways to force more out of the gamers, and that is also why they can't be happy with gamers as their main focus. MS will try to penetrate the casual market no matter what and that spells bad news for gamers because it will necessarily lead to the tyranny of the majority. In the end, casuals will dictate to MS what to cater and gamers will have to take a back seat. No matter what Microsoft says in E3, gamers should know that the only reason they will try to please you is because you are just a stepping stone for Microsoft to reach its holy grail, the casuals. This is why it would be in the gamer's disadvantage should Microsofts business plan prove profitable. Just food for thought.

Gildarts1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Investing a billion dollars in exclusive games is abandoning gamers?

Are we on planet Sony or something? Oh,wait.

Bathyj1996d ago

the problem is MS have slipped so far behind they'd need an amazing e3 just to get back to even. thanks to them I now know how it feels to be neglected for being a minority group, that group being gamers.

showtimefolks1996d ago


For saying wait till E3 you have so many disagrees

For next week or so we gonna have to deal with these kind of articles every hur pretty much. Yes MS had a bad co fence but they said they will show a lot of games at E3. Could we please give Sony ms and Nintendo till after E3 before judging them?

And that's a comment coming from a pro ps4/Sony fan. May21st was a huge mistake for MS but they are saying they have 8 new IP's and 15 exclusives now maybe more than half are kinect 2 crap but still lets wait after E3

I think MS is pretty shocked at the reception because they thought people want a entertainment device instead of gaming console 1st

Blue lets see

xxLuckyStrike1996d ago

Damn rabid Sony fanboys want MS to fold when they should be thanking them.. XBOX Brand is good for gaming industry!! Simply put... They push Sony to do better.. Hate the maker not the CONSOLE

madjedi1996d ago

Why the hell would sony fanboys want ms to leave the industry all that is left would be nintendo to keep sony on their toes. Sony could coast another 15 yrs at the rate nintendo advances their tech and online.

" Hate the maker not the CONSOLE" It is a badly designed console because of the focus ms is showing us and policies they implement.

Ms it seems is already waving the white flag in competing with sony in the gaming market, at least that is what that reveal stated to me.

I don't hate the 360, i just can't stand many of ms policy decisions regarding propriety hdds, and locking everything behind a pay wall.

Designing a system is a balancing(very generally speaking here) act between gaming and non gaming functions.

Problem for alot of people is look at ms's 1st party output for the last few yrs vs sony's. One is still releasing games at a healthy rate and the other has just kinda dryed up.

Ms looks to have gaming as a secondary priority this time around, if even that high. Ms will show some good games people want at e3, but i won't expect to be wowed in the slightest.

If both of them are smart they will kill any new(block renting and lending of games) drm plans they have in mind. I think they will lose alot more than just second hand sales.

Why o why1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

People on n4g have been consistent. Some have been asking for more core output from ms for years now. Some have highlighted their shift away from core. Still get labelled as fanboys but look at the last few years.

If the 360 was your primary then you wouldn't have too much reason to notice the 1st party dry up BUT if the 360 was your secondary console you'd definitely notice. There's no point buying the 3rd party games for your secondary. Most of your friends, achievements/trophies plus pad preference etc kinda tie those purchases to your primary. What that means is you have a secondary console solely for its exclusive games and features.

Once I got a 360 a few years back all I was buying for it was exclusives. . . They dried up. Luckily the back log from the early years was strong with rpg's so it wasn't so apparent early on.. . If I don't like 2 of ms's blockbusters, what am I left with if you get what I mean.. Live still costs regardless of if I'm gaming or not

xxLuckyStrike1996d ago

You should wait until E3 before passing final judgment on MS brother. And if Sony's only competition was Nintendo you would'nt see Sony dropping 8GB ddr, pushing for cutting edge graphics, implementing social and interactive shit, ect. Yes MS has gotten lost in the last 3 years since Kinect and even more so by the looks of their REVEAL. Offering Nothing but Kinect Halo Gears and Forza. I'll wait till E3 MS "HAS" to shake things up or i'm out!!

Why o why1996d ago

I hear ya. Definitely wait for e3 just like I did for the reveal. I want to see ms compete. I credit them for pushing sony this gen. Sony cannot rest on their laurels.

You've seen how sony seem to be flying out of the traps to please all important parties. They're taking ms very seriously whilst maintaining their ethos which is more games keeps their customers happier than less games.

E3 cant come soon enough. Once all the debunks and confirms are out of the way its a straight drag race of games..

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MariaHelFutura1996d ago

For Money and because they can. The super hardcores are in an abusive relationship w/ Microsoft and will defend basically any shifty business practice they perform w/ ZERO facts to back it up. Every E3 has been disappointing for Microsoft since the release of Kinect, yet this E3 is theirs. They lie about Kinect, but this one is gonna change gaming. They pay for XBL, and pretend is some anamoly of service. They think cloud computing is going to make the Xbone 300% more capable, yet haven't released a single game through a cloud service and the cloud computing claims have been proven not possible.

Wake up Neo....the Matrix has you.


Gildarts1996d ago

It has not been proven impossible. Microsoft themselves admitted that there are some things that can't be done through cloud. But things like lighting fog and background AI CAN be shifted to the cloud.Microsoft said so and It even says so in the article.

dcbronco1996d ago

Fanboys are so gullible they ignore reality. Cloud compute is already in use. Actually I take that back. Everyone knows Folding Home never really worked.

MEGANE1996d ago

Its too soon to say that. MS has another approach, the were only showing the things people weren't expecting like TV and always connected crap, but the true is than XBOX1 is not too far from ps4 and terms of power. Yes there is a gap but you wont be able to notice at first. It will only take a few exclusives to really show the differences, but the games that matter for most people( COD, assassins creed, madden, etc) will be all the same. We sony fans like to believe that the ps3 is way more powerful than the 360, but the true is that they are quite similar in performance, and when comparing the two some people think games on 360 look better.

I hope ms put their show together, because at the end the only ones that benefit from the console war are us.... the gamers

Laneljh1996d ago

It is very naive to claim that they have abandoned gamers. They are investing one billion dollars into the games for the Xbox One. Rather than an entertainment system that plays games, think of a gaming system that will play movies and stream tv. The future of the consoles as a whole will no doubt give us all-in-one devices, even for our major gaming consoles, so we might as well accept it. Microsoft isn't making very good decisions so far, but saying that they are abandoning gamers is a ridiculous statement.

MariaHelFutura1996d ago

Honestly, when I hear 1 billion to games from Microsoft, I think 750 million in advertisement, 250 million in securing exclusives, timed exclusives and timed DLC.

I fully expect E3 is gonna be a Kinect-fest. It is REQUIRED after all.

Skips1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I STILL can't believe Kinect is required to even get the dang thing to function.

-_- SMH...

"I think 750 million in advertisement"

Same... They spent half of Halo 3's budget on advertising alone.

"Estimates for development costs of Halo 3 average out at $60 million, and that was including a massive marketing budget of about $30 million"

And Halo 4 appeared to be much more than that...

God knows how much of that 1 billion will be spent on marketing Kinect 2.0 and it's games...


"due to the fact the controllers need the camera to correlate with the console"

Lol... Needing the camera for certain games is vastly different than needing one for the console TO ACTUALLY FUNCTION. -_-

True_Samurai1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

If you haven't noticed boo the PS eye will most likely be mandatory due to the fact the controllers need the camera to correlate with the console as in to know which player is who, what, when and at what position etc.
We will definitely see since it is definitely coming WITH every ps4 ^_^

Mr_Nuts1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Trueninja...they have NEVER said you will need the camera

Hell they have heen debating whether or not to bundle it with the PS4 so why would they debate whether or not to include it if you need it.

The camera is just for optional purposes

Skips1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )


"since it is definitely coming WITH every ps4"

Source of confirmation from Sony???

And even then, if it DID need to be required (Which is like 99.99999% unlikely).

Wouldn't they spend a HUGE amount of time presenting it at their actual PS4 reveal back in Feb of it functioning??? lol Sorta like how Microsoft spent half of their conference on Kinect 2.0?

From what I remember, they literally just showed it for a few seconds, and said a few lines about it. lol

Hardly something they would make mandatory. XD

Bzone241995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


I'm not sure who is right about Sony's camera but to argue they would have focused on it more if it was required is crazy. They didn't even show the console. Does that mean its probably not required?

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kenshiro1001996d ago

Those games could be anything. They could be Ballerina Kinect titles for all we know right now.

I hope for Microsoft's sake they don't screw this up.

S2Killinit1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Its not as simple as that. You need to look at the trends, read between the lines, Microsoft's plans are not going to be over the top but the general direction they are taking will end badly for gamers and gaming. It's not that they wont have games, trust me they will come out the gate with tons of them (most likely with one or two 'must have' games like Gears of war was to 360 launch) But watch them turn focus onto casuals once the gamer market is saturated. You sound like a logical guy, click on my name and read a few of my comments (the logical ones lol) See what you think.

oof461996d ago

Microsoft did not abandon gamers. Unfortunately, their reveal event sent the wrong message. It told the core, "We want the mass market and the dude bros who buy two games: CoD and a sports game."

madjedi1996d ago

"Rather than an entertainment system that plays games, think of a gaming system that will play movies and stream tv."

The problem for some people is that the system was designed with gaming as a secondary priority and a tv box first. So the gaming capabilities are reduced to accommodate a bunch of other features alot of gamers might not care about.

"They are investing one billion dollars into the games for the Xbox One." They are also investing 400-500 million in sports content, not a comforting thought if your not a sports fanatic.

Laneljh1993d ago

I don't understand your claim that it was designed with gaming as a secondary priority. I have no problem with being schooled, but I would like to know where you are getting your facts from. 1 billion dollars may not be going solely into the games themselves, but 1 billion dollars is a LOT of money, and obviously the games are what is going to need most of it if they hope to appeal to their main audience. They have hardly revealed anything having to do with the games on the Xbox One, so I would wait until they have before I claimed that games are going to be a secondary priority. I am not expecting the games to be any less of a priority than they are on the Xbox 360, and I think it would be ridiculous to believe they will be. The Xbox One is either going to be a serious upgrade from the 360, or be a mirror image of it. I am not trying to start a console flame war here, as I am looking forward to both of them, if not the PS4 a bit more. However, both of them deserve the benefit of the doubt until after each company has come out and laid down all the information it needs to.

madjedi1992d ago

Have you not seen the specs or watch the reveal, gaming is definitely not a high priority to ms, if you wish to believe otherwise have at it.

It has nothing to do with schooling anyone, 3 gigs taken by the os, kinect mandatory and exclusive 1st party titles have been getting fewer in the last 3-4 yrs.

The question isn't will they have games, the question is will it be worth the hassle with the ones other issues.

Call it the sony fanboy or the cynic in me, i have seen nothing from ms that would lead me to believe that gaming is ms's 1st priority.

Adding a rumor of the box being downclocked to solve heating issues and bad yields.

Just about every bit of news about the system is a another confusing or discouraging bullet point for gamers.

It is almost as if ms actively want people to not buy their system.

Sony is still releasing future exclusives despite the ps4 launching this year.

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