More Pokemon X/Y screenshots

Take a look at some additional screenshots from Pokemon X and Y.

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TripC501999d ago

I've always wanted a pokemon game where instead of picking your starter pokemon, you instead just start off alone with a master ball and a choice of multiple paths toward a lake (for water types) cave (for grounds and rock types) a haunted house for (ghost types) and so on... Then the first pokemon you meet is your starter. How cool would that be?

OlgerO1999d ago

You encountered a wild zubat :(

TripC501999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Lol! Yes! It becomes more realistic. Humble pure beginings with whatever pokemon pops onto the screen first. Whether it be a magikarp, zubat, or shiny Onix.

PsnGammer211999d ago

I think it's game over if you get a magikarp lol

LAWSON721998d ago

Anyone who wants a 3ds for this for a good price check out nintendos site and cowboom for refurbished ones. I think on cowboom I saw a red 3ds for $100 and blue xl go for $130.