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STFUandPLAY's Tony Polanco writes:

"If you bought yourself a copy of God Of War: Ascension back in March then you no doubt remember that it come with a demo for The Last Of Us. A demo that was unplayable at that point in time. Well the day has finally come when we can finally play this thing. Here’s what I thought of the demo."

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hulk_bash19871942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

The demo did what it was supposed to. Left me wanting more and that much more excited for the June 14th release. I'm calling it and saying this is gonna be a masterpiece of a game and just might be the be the game of the generation.

showtimefolks1942d ago

i agree after playing fuse demo i was kind of scared to play LOU because the last demo for a game left me hating the game

but how could i doubt the talent at ND

no doubt i am calling it now, this will be the overall GOTY from most sites, one thing which doesn't make a lot of sense though is that they said their MP is extremely good but we know nothing about it lol

i will spend countless hours just gathering stuff before realizing the story is waiting on me lol

Nitrowolf21942d ago

Fuse looked bad to begin with.

I wonder where the MP is, they said they would show it soon, and here I thought the demo was it.

grailly1942d ago

I've seen a interview of christophe balestra where he says that they are not showing the multiplayer because they want to players to think of the last of us with the singleplayer atmosphere in mind. They wouldn't want people to think it's about gratuitous killing.

I guess we can expect quite a bit of killing in multiplayer then.

Romudeth1941d ago

The Last Of Us vs Bioshock: Infinite. This is going to be an interesting match.

sparta761942d ago

Down loading it right now...😬

showtimefolks1942d ago

you will not be disappointed, when you see or hear a clicker you will be scared to move at all since that's a one hit kill lol

PurpHerbison1941d ago

How long do I have to download this?

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Romudeth1941d ago

It's going to have to do a lot to best Bioshock: Infinite but it's definitely possible. Either way, 2013 is going to be a hell of a year for gaming thanks to titles like The Last Of Us.

AusRogo1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Have a shiv ready.. get** caught without one and your gone lol can't wait for this game.. shit is intense I tell you that!

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