In the Lab with Zen’s Mel Kirk and Neil Sorens

"Sometimes all you need is a little information to understand why something is great. Up until I had the chance to talk with Zen Studios’s Mel Kirk and Neil Sorens, I enjoyed Zen Pinball HD, but I didn’t appreciate what it was doing. Zen Studios is putting out the best digital pinball tables on the market and they have acquired such fantastic licenses like Marvel and Star Wars to theme them in the best ways possible. Listen and see why Zen Pinball HD and Pinball FX plays the way it does and how it makes for a more entertaining experience.

It’s not just how the ball feels that makes Zen Pinball a great experience, but their knack for using the digital format to its advantage while still retaining the core pinball feel. On iOS and Android it comes with Sorcerer’s Lair, which is one of the best digital tables out there. Just as with the Pinball Arcade interview, there will be more pinball content to come, just you wait." - David Rhinehart of

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