Front Towards Gamer Radio “Wednesday” Traffic Chopper, Episode 173: The Vaginaless Monologues

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When the girls are away, the boys will play! Wait, that doesn’t exactly sound right….

Anyway, Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga and Quinn “Soulibon” Sullivan “duo queue bot lane” together in this week’s show without Gamergirl backing them up with tales of bar mischief and Animal Crossing deviance. Quinn tells of becoming a spy whose actions lead to the downfall of a rival corporation in Eve Online as well as his interesting trip to the University of Southern California Final Thesis Showcase of indie games, while Shanghai prattles on about the fact that two Xbox Live Arcade downloadables, Castlestorm and Call of Juarez Gunslinger are making recent full price retail games look like hot street trash! And of course, as this is the first Traffic Chopper since the announcement of the Xbox One, there’s a mild amount of dishing dirt given Microsoft’s inability to get their story straight for press. Enjoy!

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