Podcast N Bullsh*t Episode 5 – Xbox Into Dorkness

Podcast N Bullsh*t is part of the Claymore Network.

This is a humble little podcast started by Dylan (Phazon117), Kayla (Tokengirlstfu), and Travis (Turbobison). We are a video game podcast, but we talk about a whole lot more…like jugglaos, Chris Brown, Dragon Ball Z, and Quetzalcoatl Jesus. We are fun and lighthearted, and we like to have a good time. Trust me, you will enjoy the time you bullshit with us.

With Marco away, PNB gets a little more…stealthy. Joe Garcia from Stealthy Box throws his hat into the ring as the hosts talk up the Xbox reveal, as well as butt heads about Star Trek, Marvel, and the Man of Steel himself. With a little bit of bullshit thrown in for good measure.

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