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FTG Writes: After years of PS3-only Ratchet & Clank releases, Insomniac Games has gone multi-platform with Fuse. With a storied development cycle of name and art changes, this title is finally street-ready. There’s a lot of potential here, and with Insomniac behind it, there are a lot of expectations too.

First of all, the less stylized art change was needed. The game tells a very “80′s summer blockbuster” story, and that would not have worked with a Team Fortress 2 cartoon look. A squad of agents from the Overstrike agency (where the game’s first title came from) are sent on a simple mission that leads to a massive, earth-threatening conspiracy. Dalton, Jacob, Naya, and Izzie are a tight-knit group, and their camaraderie and banter is a strong point here; it’s reminiscent of Ratchet and Clank exchanging dialogue in their titular game. That being said, some members of the squad receive more narrative attention than others.

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elhebbo161996d ago

ouch, I hope these mix review make Insomniac get their priorities straight. you dont have to be generic to sell well.

Grimhammer001996d ago


So what exactly makes this a 6.5/10? Simple because many don't find the art direction exciting enough? That's valid. But it's no 6.5/10.

Go play Singularity or Wolfenstein.

Everything but the art is top shelf. It's 4plyr co-op with echelon mode. It's horde mode is never the same twice. It's been glitch free so far.

And the art? It's no more generic than gears or halo. Yet I don't here then getting knocked for looking generic.

I think journalists and fans are still upset they went multiplatform.

Get over it.