Ubisoft talks Rayman Legends’ difficulty and platform-exclusive content

During a recent press event, Ubisoft has revealed another bulk of details from the upcoming platformer, Rayman Legends.

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KrisButtar1821d ago

So the WiiU and Vita version both have the extra 5 exclusive ‘touch’ levels over the PS3/360

-MD-1821d ago

Why isn't this coming to PC when Origins did? The hell?

pecorre1821d ago

Lower difficulty = no buy for me.

I liked Origins especially because it was challenging and fun. Another game trying to cater the a wider audience... meh.

ThanatosDMC1820d ago

They want little kiddies to ask mommy to buy the game. LAME!

Venox20081820d ago

maybe u can change difficulty, one for casual one for hardcore

pecorre1815d ago

The level design IS what make this game difficult. Change in difficulty = change in level design.

Shinobi1001820d ago

I lived through the 8-bit era and don't recall ever beating a single NES game but I loved them all anyway. I crave the difficulty levels of days gone by. So it pains me to see them scale back the diffy at all. BUT, dude at IGN said he died 15 times tryin to run through one level so I don't think they're killin the diffy. Exxxxcellent