The Little Touches Of Nintendo’s Consoles

GameInformer: Nintendo consoles are special for magical reasons. They may not feature the best online support or multimedia capabilities, but they always contain a few charming features that aren’t immediately highlighted or called out.

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PigPen2024d ago

GameInformer what, this actually coming from you.

gamer422024d ago

"Nintendo consoles are special for magical reasons."
I know I never expected this to come out of them.

jcnba282024d ago

I never knew that you could change the start-up sound effects when turning on the Gamecube, very cool.

sean_352024d ago

I think the wii u is a unique idea and really developers should look at different way to utilize it. I reckon a game that used the stylusto draw runes on the screen to cast powerful spell while using stadard controls for lower level spells would be a cool idea. The rune spells casting would be based from available amount of manna, rage or some other power available to the playable character

YoloSwag2023d ago

They should've mentioned how you could stream video files from your computer to the Wii U Gamepad via Vidii U. It's pretty neat.