Sony Proves Why PS4 Can’t Handle Xbox One's Online Restrictions

With the The Last of Us demo release crashing the PSN, the Daily Reaction duo of Seb and Dan discuss why Sony isn’t prepared for an ‘always online’ future with the PS4, and how Microsoft could be shooting themselves in the foot with the Xbox One. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1971d ago

Hell, I'd pay extra for something that sucks

TrendyGamers1971d ago

That picture is missing an unnecessary Kaz! Please fix.

Foolsjoker1971d ago

Maria, I can watch that GIF on loop for hours.

TrendyGamers1971d ago


That is creepy and brilliant at the same time.

millgate11971d ago

Haha, Maria, that second GIF is f***ing hilarious

Anarki1971d ago

That second gif made me lol........a lot.

sengoku1970d ago

seriously these guys are talking about stuf they dont even understand what a rubbish article.

sure the demo might not have been playable but that has nothing to do with psn.
it's the games own servers that needed to start working with all incoming traffic, most game releases now a days (sadly) have these types of start up issues that's why they have betas.

as for the regular maintenance it's mostly the store that is not reachable, normally you can still login and continue to play online.
even when they are working on the network.

MajorLazer1970d ago

Games! That's all I care for in a console.

Myst1970d ago

Maria that second gif is awesome Lmao

minimur121970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

before you dislike, I prefer sony to ms.

Dashboard ads?


TrickishDcnc1970d ago

Lol at those 2 gifs posted by Maria of kaz especially the second one :) both had me laughing out loud. On a second note I really cant wait for the ps4

nosferatuzodd1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

its not psn it was naughty dog they never anticipated that so many people would download the game at once i see where this article is going and its not going to work you're making ppl believe that psn is this week server that cant handle traffic you're wrong dude

Temporary1970d ago

Whoever wrote this article has absolutely no idea what theyre talking about ...

Maria the 2nd Gif is awesome haha.

yesmynameissumo1970d ago

I don't think millions of people trying to download a 132MB file is an indication of Sony being incapable to handle...well, anything frankly. I was rather surprised by how quickly it was addressed. I tried, it failed. Waited 10 minutes. Downloaded in 5. Have played the damn thing 7 times already.

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HammadTheBeast1971d ago

I don't get it....

Is it bad that Sony can't "handle" BS market schemes?

Narutone661971d ago

It's called spinning something that is positive into something negative.

Objective1970d ago

Hahaha! How true about spinning! Unbelievable how people can spin a console having more features into a bad thing no?

Wintersun6161970d ago


So all kinds of anti-consumer schemes are features now? ROFLMAO! I can't believe how willing some people are to bend over backwards and be screwed by corporate BS and DRM like that and even say how good it feels. You sir crack me up so much, I'm actually going to give you a bubble up for funny because I just can't stop laughing. :'DD

TAURUS-5551970d ago


couldnt agree more.

sonys doing the right thing and this bstrds are saying otherwise. MS lovers "%$"Q

Dee_911970d ago

this is like a nasty fat chick saying " you cant handle this" more like I dont want to handle that

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showtimefolks1971d ago

there will be new and hopefully more stable PSN, if you think this is bad watch paying for xblive won't be any better either

DRM is bad no matter how you put it, if you are one of those gamers who want to try the demo the minute its available than maybe there are millions of others trying to do the same and system will crash

or you could be like me get off work come home and game downloads smoothly

marchinggamer1971d ago

Your right I want to try the demo the minute its available too bad I can't do that with that shitty psn servers that are slower than burger kings wifi

showtimefolks1970d ago

You know what's funny is y'all have to make yourself feel good about paying for xblive so you have to make excuses about shitty servers

I for me have always had a smooth experience On PSN playing games wise

Daoshai1970d ago

No hes right the speed of servers are slower. Only fanboys disagree with that. Still faster than nintendos. Takes forever to download.

adorie1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

The title is rather misleading. PS4 CAN handle DRM, but Sony nor the gamers who intend to purchase it, do not want it. Title should read: Why PS4 does not want to handle DRM (because it's up to publishers)IMHO

GamerzElite1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I am agree PSN service is not as good as XBL, but dear its free. I remember when Black Ops 2 launched and within 24 hours Activision's PS3 server crashed, it doesn't mean that Activision should stop making online games, They are making online games from ages. Come to XBL, last christmas XBL crashed that time when people needs it, that time most of XBL member start hating that paid subscription. Again in feb 2013 XBL gave problem. Even last month XBL had problem. I mostly play online multiplayer on XBox and every time when i start playing i found my NAT is moderate? Every time I reset my connection of XBox before start a game. Even my XBox is in DMZ mode, all ports are forwarded correctly, but still same issue everyday. In this time u can not trust on technology, sometimes they gave u problem. If XBL, the paid service can give us these experience then how can we blame on a free service.

hennessey861970d ago

It's nothing to do with your xbox

liquidhalos1970d ago

Are you a pensioner or are you trying to be condescending on purpose? Ill tell you what DEAR... Fix your settings you noob and next time you try to talk down to someone, make sure you know the facts.

GamerzElite1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Lol u looks like a noob a$$hole, microsoft does't support most of router available in market. They they only stick with bunch of router maker. M$ is just a greedy company and you looks like its gaurd.

LonDonE1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I game on all platforms, and for me, psn is EXACTLY THE SAME as xbox live, i get the same download speeds, and performance, i have downloaded 10gb full games off psn in 3 to 4hrs that's not bad, it boils down to your router and network setting, and internet connection, allot of people stupidly use wireless instead of wired via a Ethernet port.
I find keeping my PS3 in DMZ is the best, but my fatty classic PS3 is not in DMZ, and that too downloads super fast, and my slim in DMZ does too, and my xbox slim downloads ok too, as does my pc, obviously steam give me insane speeds, but either way i am happy with all services.

PSN being worse then xbox live is a fallacy, a myth created by Microsoft pr, so they can justify charging you for a feature which should be free, like on pc and psn, i get full 4 green bars in cod on psn or xbox live, so both are the same, except that xbox live charges, while psn dont, it baffles me that games like cod and the majority of online games on console are P2P and so there are no dedicated servers involved to justify charging, you are the server, or the host of the match is, so why charge? xbots are retards, psn with PlayStation plus shits all over xbox live, sorry but its true, and even after paying for live they still get adverts rammed down their throats, WTF? its supposed to be a premium service!

Lately psn has been smashing it with new sales every week, i have been impulse buying so many great games dirt cheap, and i am talking full retail games, it reminded me of steam sales, and if Sony do this for psn on PS4 Too, with regular sales, and PlayStation plus, they will destroy xbox live, Microsoft never gives anything away, and hardly ever does sales, with great prices for full retail games, instead they find more and more ways to monetize and make the xbox gamers pay for things which should be free! LMAO i for one will not be buying a XBOX1 at launch after owning a total of 7 xbox 3FixMes due to red ring of death, i vowed to never buy a M$ console again, and might get a x1 a few years later if they release any must have games, and when its dirt cheap, for now i will stick to my PS3,360, PC, and wii-u, and i have already pre ordered a PS4

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TheBrownBandito1970d ago

"Sony can’t pull off always online, they don’t have the servers or the skill..."

What a pair of dipsticks.

DeadlyFire1970d ago


NOONE has gotten DRM right on the first try. Its a fact. Just look at history. Its nothing to do with skill. Getting it right with a 2nd try proves that the skill exists.

Valve had LOTS of issues with Half-Life 2's steam required launch in 2005. I gave up on even trying to play Half-Life 2 for a couple of years after that then I stepped into it and it was simple. :P
Blizzard flopped with Diablo 3 DRM
EA flopped with Simcity DRM.

Valve is now DRM king
EA hopes to be.

Microsoft and Sony are employing DRM-lite basically. I am betting Sony has a form of it, but its far more freeform and open than Microsoft's attempt at it. Still though we don't know how any of it will work out until its in our hands. Sony likely wouldn't require DRM in anything, but could use it on certain things that you buy digitally on PSN.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1970d ago

This article is such great damage control on showing why PSN sucks compared to Xbox Live. A game demo crashed all of PSN. Hilarious at it's finest.

FITgamer1970d ago

It crashed all of PSN? My PS3 must not have got that memo.

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MariaHelFutura1971d ago

How many online games this gen were virtually unplayable the first few days of release? How has any SP game that required online worked out?

Foolsjoker1971d ago

We will see more and more issues with connectivity as we see online requirements become standard.

SpinalRemains1971d ago


always online isn't a good thing and whether or not your system is hooked up anyway doesn't matter lol.

Irs just a way to force live subscriptions and DRM down our throats.

GribbleGrunger1971d ago

LOL. I sort of admire the spin in that headline.

Tetsujin1971d ago

"Dan: While I am not exactly a fanboy, (I am an idiot, though)..." (From the article)

That statement alone is about 90% of the people on N4G.

Seriously though the article tries so hard to spin Sonys take on the "always online" that MS requires every 24 hours; spin all you want, truth is what Sony stated was right - not everyone has internet, and some not as fast as others. What part of that do you not understand? It's not about arguing in favor of one console or another, it's about common sense, and so far the PS4 is fitting both business and customer needs.

kneon1971d ago

They are clearly grasping at straws trying to make the PS4 look bad in any way possible.

I don't know where they get that "the demo was unavailable for several hours". I was playing less that 25 minutes after it was supposed to be made available. Sure it was hard to get in for the first 10-15 minutes but after that it was fine.

doctorstrange1971d ago

It's more how the PSN's issues is actually a good thing. If Sony can't pull off always online, we won't have it, which is awesome.

MikeMyers1971d ago

"They are clearly grasping at straws trying to make the PS4 look bad in any way possible."

Some people really need a reality check. The whole article is basically saying having an always on system is bound to have issues and that Microsoft's decision could be a mistake. They also hate the idea of blocking or making used games more difficult. Both are strikes against the Xbox One. What they did touch up on is the issues surrounding PSN which is true. It does have regular maintenance and is down more often. Microsoft does have a more stable service, argue all you want against that but it's true. Xbox Live handles loads better, that is a fact. They also have currently 15,000 servers and will have 300,000 when Xbox One comes out.

So if out of that entire article what you took away was they want to make the PS4 look bad any way possible I'm not sure what to say other than yet another very biased member.