A Hat in Time - Kickstarter Knugget

Can't get enough of that classic 3D platforming action from Super Mario 64 / Galaxy? Aching for a new game & a new story to fill that niche in your heart? Tired of waiting on Nintendo to do it all on their own? If you answered yes to any of those questions you'll be happy to hear about and support this next Kickstarter Knugget. Gears For Breakfast, a small international development team working out of Denmark, has been hard at work on a special project for almost a year now, all with a budget of zero. A Hat in Time is their new game and now they're ready to show the world what they've been diligently working on, but without your support production will continue to be hampered by a lack of funds.

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wellmont2025d ago

It was successful so fast! These guys are in for a lot of fans and enough money to finish the game for sure.

PopRocks3592025d ago

I really hope they can reach their final stretch goal! I'd love it if this game had full voice acting.

wellmont2025d ago

here's some gameplay of the game in action, prototype stuff but has music. Few environment textures missing though.

PygmelionHunter2025d ago

Wii U would make for a terrific platform to play these games on, I'll most likely buy it on that if it's not just another lazy port.

Undrey2025d ago

Prease back this game. I don't have a Wii U, and my computer probably can't run this game, but I still hope it reaches all stretch goals and hopefully gets on other consoles.

Viper72025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

The game looks really good. Hopefully they'll consider other platforms as well-

I mean ignoring Playstation when talking about platformers or collect-a-thons is one form of blashemy. Jak and daxter, Crash, Ratchet and clank, Spyro, Rayman did a lot for the genre back in the day, some even today.

Besides as a new studio, there's simply no reason (other than budget and resources) to ignore other platforms and their potential customers.