Beezn Beats It – Super Mario Brothers

Beezn of The Geek Link writes - The first game console that I ever had was the NES. In 1989 my dad got it for himself and eventually became bored with it. Once it was mine I only had the one cartridge that came with it, Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt. Super Mario Brothers wasn’t the first game that I ever played, but it has become the one that I learned to avoid. It isn’t that I felt that it was a bad game, but rather it’s a game that I was always terrible at and could never finish. I am proud to say that I finally beat Super Mario Brothers. This is what I think about it.

Super Mario Brothers is one of those rare things that lurks in your youth like a toy in the back of a closet in your parents house and when you dig it out you are immediately overwhelmed with nostalgia. In my case, that nostalgia was always coupled with the feeling of dread that I most likely would die 3 times before I ever got to world 2. I took this challenge for two reasons;

1)My friends still make fun of me for never beating it.

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